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Well... we are about to launch our first "WTM'd" daughter.

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I'm in the same boat! Our oldest daughter is soon to graduate from our home school as well! She's been accepted into a fine university and will study history. It's all very bittersweet to me. To be able to come to the completion of this amazing journey with her is a dream come true! To see the job to the end is VERY fulfilling! Yet to see it end is so very heart-wrenching! I'm trusting God for the grace needed during this transitional time! (We still have two more in our home school, so my job is far from over with them!)

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And congratulations to all the other moms/magistras on the boards who are graduating their children this year. Thanks to all in this community who have offered such wisdom, encouragement, and practical suggestions. I have been enriched by all of you. (And I'll be sticking around this little life boat while (God willing!) we finish up with the other two.)





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Been there, done that . . . going there again. We've got one grown child and five to go. It is such a wonderful time in life, but I find myself crying often.


After attending college while living at home, our son will be leaving home this summer to serve a two year mission for our church. He has been gone A LOT this past year with activities, work, and clases; and I've adjusted to the fact that I don't plan his school schedule quite easily. But this business of moving out and our family never being quite the same again is just awful for me. The tears come all too easily at the most inopportune moments. I am happy as can be for him, though, so I smile and help him move on to the next chapter of his life. I'm grateful for the extra time we got together because of homeschooling K-12.


I wish you well, and may the road ahead bring much joy to you.

Stacie -- lovin' my 6 sons :)

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I think...

I had to choose this weekend between seeing my 14yo, who is walking to DC, and seeing my oldest, who is a freshman on spring break. I chose the youngest, but was very sad not to see the older one. I only have my middle one home and he'll be gone next year, too, and I'm a mess.

It is awesome to see them well launched, though. Congratulations!

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