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Conditioning leather furniture - any natural way to do this?

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We've had leather furniture for around 7 yrs. We have always taken good care of it - cleaning and conditioning routinely every 3-4 months, once in a while we've let it go 5-6 mos between these treatments.


I haven't ever found a product that keeps the furniture looking nice - all products make it clean, shiny and smooth for about a month. I don't think leather furniture needs to be cleaned/conditioned this often - so I attribute this dissatisfaction to the products we've tried.


Further, in the last year or so, due to sun exposure, the leather is "chapped" in some areas and worn-looking.


I am tempted to try olive oil or something of the sort hoping it will sponge in and *really* condition the leather. But I don't want to make a mess of things, LOL.


:bigear: for helpful, out of the ordinary tips OR even the name of a product that you really like - especially if your furniture is several years old....


Thanks much!

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Scroll down..... or do a "ctrl/f" for leather. This is meant for shoes - so I don't know. But this site is all around awesome.



This came up in a google search - and I just had to share because who would have ever thought......



This cowboy is cute. Maybe saddles and couches are the same....


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I am now wondering about chemicals (hazardous to health) in saddle oils/conditioners would be a good idea for a couch.


I am also thinking olive oil might become "gummy" on the leather furniture or stain clothing. After reading one link (re: metal/leather) there was suggestion that olive oil can both collect dust/dirt and turn rancid - but oil from nuts (walnut, almond) would be better choices.


Still wanting input - anyone ever use almond or walnut oils on leather? I'm still googling but not coming up with much.

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So why would other oils like nut oils not collect dust or turn rancid? Curious.


I'm thinking back in the day they just used animal lard to condition leather.


I'm trying to figure out what to use on my wooden cutting boards as I don't want to use mineral oil.



I came to the boards to (hopefully,:tongue_smilie:) get the quick, easy answers to my dilemma...had hoped to skirt around any investment of time/research, LOL. Ah, well.... I s'pose I'll get to it!

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