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What internet sites do you let your children "hang out" on?

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I've never felt the need to let my girls go online. They have done webkinz but only rarely. They are actually now starting to get interested in the computer, so I was thinking about letting the two older girls have about 20 minutes of computer time after they finish their school work for the day. Can you all tell me your favorite websites for your kids? Thanks! Oh, I am looking for fun and educational sites.

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americangirl.com - they have a lot of games here, actually. Harmless fun, wouldn't call any of it educational.


nyphilkids.org - New York Philharmonic's site. Educational stuff about music, and also games with music themes, some more educational than others...


BBC DanceMat typing - fun learn to type program, they loved this.


Then, recently, I've been letting my dd play the online Hive (strategy) game and think I may actually encourage her to try a chess teaching site someone here recommended.

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My kids are really into Club Penguin these days http://www.clubpenguin.com/. It's well monitored, and fun for the kids. The creators are from my own city, and I personally know one of the creators, and many of the people who work there. Disney purchased it, but it is still managed from our small city here in BC.:) We have a field trip booked in July so that we can see where it all happens! The kids are so excited about it.



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Webkinz and Club Penguin are popular here.


My kids also like The Little Lounge. It's a paid site ($30 a year, I think) but it's kind of like facebook for homeschool kids that's moderated by homeschool parents. It's a paid site to keep it ad free. It's run by the same people who put together The Homeschool Lounge...in fact I think you have to register at the Homeschool Lounge (which is free) in order to register your kids for the Little Lounge.

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Disney.com, dd9 loves their Disney Fairy site.




Petsmart.com, dd11 likes to research how much it will cost to add another pet to our zoo.;)


These are about the only sites that they are allowed to visit.


American Girl and Disney here too.

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My girls like Handipoints, and it has the added component of chore-chart help.

There are games to play there, and the kids can use their (earned) points to buy "costumes" for their online character. The kids have some (limited) interaction with other kids on the Internet, but only by using a phrase from a pre-approved list.


Oh, I just remembered that they seem to like the Polly Pockets website too.

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