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Gelfand Algebra solutions?

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Are Charon's Gelfand Algebra solutions around anywhere anymore? I'm working through this myself. I can't get it off of Myrtle's blog. And does anyone know what happened to these too? They were interesting.





The link worked from her site just last week, so I just went to find them, and, poof, they're gone!!!!! I have them downloaded to my PC, but I'm not sure if I can pass them on because I don't know if Charon would want that and it is a large file. He didn't copywrite them, but he did do all that work.


The other possibility is that he's redone them. He's redone them several times to make them easier to read. The links aren't always changed on Myrtle's blog, and she hasn't posted since Sept (so I'm wondering how she is.) He has/had a blog, but I can't seem to find the link.


I just hope dd's problem with one of the problems he had a solution for didn't cause him any alarm--she finally did understand what he wrote once she refused to the long division recommended by some great math parents on this board.

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