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Planning for next year: Post 4th grade plans here


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LA: GWG 4, Writing Strands 3, SWO D


Readers: SL grade 3-5 reader list and other library books of choice


Math: Saxon 5/4 (or TT 4 depending on how it looks when it comes out)


History: SOTW vol. 3 with activity guide, some history pockets


Science: R.E.A.L. Science Life Science Level 1


Latin: Lively Latin


Art: Evan Moor Theme Pockets, Abeka art projects 1 and 2 (projects of his choice)


PE: Homeschool PE at the Y or Swimming Lessons at the Y

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This year were doing:


SOTW 4 but switched to Canadian History

Galloping the Globe finished and started Canadian Geography

Writing Strands 4 and 5

Shurley English 4


RS4K Physics 1


Saxon 5/6 but switched to 7/6



Harmony Fine Arts but switched to Canadian art and world cooking

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Shurley Grammar 4

Spelling Workout E and F

IEW Student Writing Intensive A

Italic Writing E


Singapore Math 4B/5A


Tapestry of Grace Year 2 with Story of the World Bk.2 & 3

Trial and Triumph, God's Big Picture by Vaughn Roberts, New Testament Reading and Discussion Completed and starting with Old testament this month.


Science: I pick and choose topics from Apologia Series, Real Science for Kids,

and Library Books

Hands on Science classes


Art Class/ Piano Lessons

Music appreciation and Art Appreciation : Misc. Resources


Latin for Children A

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SOTW: Modern History, along with Virginia history

Science: Some sort of physics... undecided

Literature: we do this all together, so we will probably do some classics like Jungle Books, Lord of the Rings, etc...

Grammar: Don't know yet... We LOVE First Language Lessons: Level 3, not sure where to go from there, though.

Spelling Workout E

Writing Strands 4

Latin: I don't know. Maybe LC2, maybe something else. Those DVDs are about to drive me insane.


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My plans (always subject to change of course :)


Memoria Press Christian Studies I - Golden Children's Bible, Lives of the Saints


Latin - Lively Latin 2 I hope ? or back to Latin Primer


Math - Ray's Intellectual Arithmetic, maybe Singapore 3A, 3B also


English - Classical Composition, Lamb's Tales of Shakespeare


Geography - N & S American countries, rivers and mountains, Holling's Tree in the Trail and maybe Minn of the Mississippi


History - American Revolutionary period, Western Expansion, American presidents


Science - thinking about doing botany Waldorf style from Serendipity


poets - Tennyson, Dickinson, Wordsworth

Artists - Van Gogh, Monet, Degas

Composer - Bach, Liszt, Tchiakovsky


Now that I have posted this, do I have to stick to it ? :)

Anne Marie

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Here's what we're doing:


LA: Abeka A, SWO E (last half)/F, Getty-Dubay Italics, Writer's Express, Spectrum 4


Reading: library books of choice and related to history/science topics under study


Math: MUS Gamma and Singapore 4


History and Literature: SOTW vol. 4 with activity guide and loads of living books


Science: several Science in a Nutshell kits, RD How Science Works and other books as "spines" for various physics topics studied throughout the year. Also some library books....


Latin: reviewed/ finished Minimus; Minimus Secundus


Art: have been working with a local artist on drawing classes all year. Some color theory, too, but mostly sketching.


PE: Homeschool PE/Swimming at the Y, interspersed with bowling and some other recreational outings; golf in nice weather; also soccer and a year round swim team (to help with his legs)....


Also, for us,


Bible - Memoria Press Christian Studies, level 2


Spanish - finished up reviewing vocab from prior outside group classes; reviewed/finished McGraw Hill's Spanish for Children; moving through Powerglide now (and NO, I don't like it, but already owned it so am using it quickly and then getting rid of it, LOL).....


Geography - finishing up Which Way, USA?



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I've used all of these this year except the CW and have been happy with them, so will continue onto the next level in each for 4th grade.



Rod & Staff 5



Rod & Staff 4



Copywork from SL readers

Getty Dubay



Classical Writing Aesop (?)




Rod & Staff



"Voyages" by Concordia Pub. House



Latin for Children B



BJU Grade4 (maybe)

Apologia Zoology



Sonlight Core 4


Critical Thinking

Continue with Dandylion Logic series - I think its "Orbiting with Logic"

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English: Galore Park Junior English, Spelling Workout E, lots of reading


Math: Right Start E, supplement w. Singapore


History: SOTW 4


Science: Science in a Nutshell Clusters covering Physics


German: Das Neue Deutschmobil




Music: Harmony fine Arts and Piano


Art: Harmony Fine Arts




I think that's it!



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I'm not changing much either.


Singapore 5A/5B


Classical Writing: Homer A, Beginning Poetry and Harvey's


Latina Christiana II


Bible: Kay Arthur's Discover for Yourself Series


History: We will be doing the Middle Ages and I have not yet decided on the spines. I may continue to use Guerber and Forster.


Science: I usually do this over the summer. This summer will be RS4K Biology with extra science kits.


Outside classes: Spanish, Drama, Phy. Ed., Choir, Art

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Here are my current plans:


Daily -

Math - Singapore/Shiller

Latin - Lively Latin 2 (hopefully it's out)

Greek - Elementary Greek 1

Memory work - various


English Studies - 3x a week WT2, 2x a week Literature - Tales from Shakespeare


Once a week:

Classical Studies - Famous Men of Greece/VP NTGR

Bible - VP Bible

Geography - unknown yet

Modern Studies - American history books - unsure what yet

Science - RS4K Physics - with extra day for experiments


Read alouds - SOTW 1, Boys and Girls Herodotus, Shakespeare bio and others


30 minutes daily of independent reading from book basket.



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These are my plans, so far, for dd for the fall.


Math: finishing up RightStart Level D and moving on to Level E


Language Arts: R&S Grammar 5, finishing up CW Aesop A and, hopefully moving on to Poetry, dictation and copywork


History: finishing up SOTW 4, then will be starting all over again with Ancient Egypt uisng Truthquest


Science: not sure what we are going to do for this. I should be doing Physics, but I don't like any of the curriculum offereings


Spanish: Easy Spanish


Literature: Ambleside Online suggestions





mom of 3 (8,7,5)

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Singapore 4

Language Arts:

R&S 4

Classical Writing or Writing Tales

SWO E or Pathway Reader Gr. 4

Evan Moore Word A Day

Great Books Academy Reading List


Evan Moore

or Scientists Apprentice (I think that's the name)

Nature Journaling

Lego Engineering


SOTW Volume 1

Unit Study on California History


LFC finish A move to B







Critical Thinking's Building Thinking Skills

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  • BJU Math 4
  • Latina Christiana I
  • Growing with Grammar 4
  • Writing Tales, Level 1
  • Poetry for Copywork, Memorization, Spelling
  • Apologia Botany & Zoology II
  • Evan-Moor History Pockets & lots of books
  • Kids Learn America!
  • Story of the World 3
  • Drawn into the Heart of Reading
  • possibly Artistic Pursuits

teacher.gif These are my tentative plans for my little one for next year.

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Math: Singapore 4A and 4B

Reading: library books, finish Reading Detective

Grammar: R&S 4

Spelling: SWO F and G

Writing: Finish CW Aesop, start CW Homer, and dictation

Latin: LfC A

Spanish: ???

History: Truthquest AHYS 2 and 3

Science: Apologia Zoology 2 and an astronomy / earth science unit study

Geography: lapbook for North and South America

Critical Thinking: BTS 2 and MindBenders

Art: ???

Music: Getting to Know, Classical Kids, piano lessons

PE: ???

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Shurley Grammar 5

Latin for Children B


Finish Math-U-See Delta and Start Epsilon

Apologia Elementary Science (Flying Creatures and Swimming Creatures)

Probably Sonlight 5 for Reading, History, Cultural Studies


She will do this with her older brother who will be in 5th grade (though he will do MUS Epsilon and Zeta

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I will have a 4th grader next year... here are my plans..


Math- Rod and Staff 4


English- Rod and Staff 4; Daily Paragraph Editing; possibly some IEW too


Spelling- Rod and Staff Spelling 4


Reading- Literature correlating with history. I may have her do Rod and Staff Reading too:confused:


History- MFW- Exploration to 1850 *or* Sonlight Core 3


Science- Included in MFW *or* Sonlight Science


Rosetta Stone Spanish


God and the History of Art


English from the Roots up 2 (that is if we finish 1:rolleyes:)


I think that covers it!

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We are wrapping 4th grade up. Here is a list of what we are using:


BJU 4 Bible


Calvert spelling

R&S 4, grammar

R&S 4, math

BJU 4, science

Suzuki violin

WP AS 2 history/reading

Classical Conversations, geography/memory work


My dd was using Wordly Wise but we dropped it. I now preread her books and pull vocabulary her reading material.

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Saxon 54

Growing with Grammar 4

Spelling Workout D

Writing Tales 1

RS4K Biology 1(maybe, or R.E.A.L. Science Life Level 1)

History Odyssey Early Modern w/SOTW 3 audio

Artistic Pursuits

Story of the Orchestra

Oak Meadow Intermediate Recorder



I'm also considering ordering The Writer's Jungle and/or SWB's new writing book over the summer.

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I think we will be using:


Singapore math



Writesource handbook and workbook

Spelling Workout

memory work - various poems

Spanish - Paso A Paso

Latin for Children A - Planning to start next year


Science ? I need something for 2nd and 4th grade. My 6th grader will be using Runkle Geography and Science Explorer Astronomy. I'll probably have the 4th grader use Science Explorer too and use earth science related kits.




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I'm kind of wishy washy still but this is what I am thinking of for next year.


Math-undecided, I want to see how the rest of this year goes

Spelling-Spelling Power

Grammar and Writing-BJU

History-SOTW 3

Geography-U.S. States, don't have any book ideas yet

Science-Apologia Zoology 3 and A Child's Geography

Art-possibly Artistic Pursuits

Foreign Language-can't decide between Spanish and Latin

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Handwriting: Copywork from various resources

Spelling: Spelling Workout E

English: Shurley English 4

Latin: Latina Christiana

Math: Saxon 5/4

History Story of the World Book 2 with activity guide

Science: Honestly Undecided

Reading: Will use Sonlight list and add

Music: Continue Flute and Clarinet

Art: Co-op Group

PE: Co-op Group

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Latina Christiana 2

RightStart E

Classical Writing: my own Narrative lesson plans

French Prep 1

Christian Studies: Acts through Revelation and a Church History overview

Modern Studies: Truthquest AHYS III

Classical Studies: Children's Homer and Jason and the Golden Fleece (Colum)

Literature: My own reading list of classic children's literature

A variety of Nature Readers and Art Readers

Picture Study and Composer Study

Tons of free reading

Memorization of Poetry and Scripture

Art lessons

Irish Dance

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This year my dd is in 4th and we are using the following:


Math - Bob Jones 4


Spelling - Bob Jones 4


Reading - Rod & Staff


Science - United Streaming & misc. books


History - United Streaming & misc. books


Spanish - Rosetta Stone


Grammar - Bob Jones 4


Music - Piano lessons

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Grammar: R&S and Grammar/speech therapy workbook

Math: MCP Math and Singapore

Spelling: Spelling workout

Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears cursive

History: Core Knwledge Geography and History

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise

Science: Harcourt Science

Creative Writing: Writing Strands

Logic: Mindbenders

My own literature list

Art at co-op

PE class and sports teams

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Here is what we are planning for my dd:


Bible - AWANA

Math - BJU 4 (switching for RS)

Writing/Grammar- BJU 4 (supplement writing w/ Aesops)

Spelling - Calvert Spelling CD

Handwriting - BJU 4

Readers - Pathway reader 4 and various library books

Science - BJU 4

History ?? - starting over with Ancients - not sure what to use

Music - want to start piano lessons

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My fourth grader is doing the following:


Intermediate Language Lessons

Latina Christiana

Tapestry of Grace Year 3

MUS Gamma

Typing instruction book I found at a Used Curriculum sale

Exploring Creation Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day

Bible (Awana and Family devotions)

Spell to Write and Read


homeschool art class


piano lessons

drama productions at church and youth theatre


Wow, that seems like alot, but it is actually quite manageable.





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