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I've got dishpan hands - recommendations for a new dishwasher?

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Well I am not one to talk since my was installed today but I do love my new KitchenAid. It is whisper quiet and super roomy. Oh and I love the adjustable shelves. My mom has one that she has had for a while (a few years I think) and she says it is the best she ever has had. I hate washing dishes too.

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I know yours are young, buy my ds8 takes his turn at doing the dishes and does a better job than my ds9! OR...train the dh! :D Seriously...I hate doing dishes, too. BUT, we can't afford a dishwasher and don't have the space in our TINY kitchen. So, dh realized my hatred of washing dishes and so he pitches in when the dc don't do their job thoroughly! I do the dishes (full sink) *maybe* 2x each week and wash out my own right away to help out. Good luck finding a new one!

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I have a mid-range model. It's quiet and does a good job. It also has a tall tub, a utensil rack that hangs on the door, freeing up space on the bottom rack, and spray arms that don't protrude either up from the bottom or down from the top, which also frees space on both top and bottom racks. IOW, I have full use of both racks.


Love my Whirlpool :-)

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