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Are there any amazing, educational camps?

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I am looking for any camps - anywhere in the USA or Canada - that are focused on a subject, in-depth, for a week. I already know about the Kansas Archeology Camp and the Nasa Space Camp in Florida.


If you know of any others, please share.



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Does wilderness canoe camping count? Learning to paddle, learning wilderness survival, learning to plan trips, read maps, plan the resupply flight, etc?


My kids attend the oldest wilderness canoe camp in the world. It is in Canada. It's 3 or 6 weeks, though,not just one week. This year one of my sons will be paddling 500-800 miles to Hudson Bay.



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Okay...here you go.




My five sons will be at Keewaydin this summer; four as campers (one on the Bay trip, one doing a discovery trip near the Evans Outpost, and two based on Devil's Island) and one as staff.


ETA: There are both boys and girls camps. The campers do not trip together, but do see each other during resupply on the main island. Ages 10-18.



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What age? Only one week?


Could include:


Johns Hopkins University Summer Programs


Northwestern - 1-3 weeks for 2-10th grades


DU - 1-3 weeks for 4th-10th grades


Climbing/Bouldering - http://www.yobasecamp.com/climb.htm


Climbing - http://climbacadia.org/camp/pages/rates.htm


Mountain stuff ages 9-18 - http://www.owa.com/youthschedule.cfm




Yes, those first few are "gifted" but you can also apply with a portfolio.


I have LOADS of camps for high school age, also, if that is what you need!

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What age? Only one week?


I have LOADS of camps for high school age, also, if that is what you need!

Hey, let's not limit the age range. Please list ALL of them, regardless of age, since I'm sure many folks (other than the original poster) are looking at this with interest! :lurk5:

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OK. Here is what I have, yes they are limited by dd's interests. I have either known people to attend these camps or have heard about other people from people I directly know (or some of you, whom I trust more than some I directly know, but I digress). That is not an endorsement, just the reason I have them!


The climbing camps from the earlier post are camps that have been attended by climbers we know. They are all very well run, but very focused on climbing. If you want opinions on gymnastics camps, I can think of at least 5 "big camps" other than Woodward that people we know have been to, or you can come to ours!


Don't forget, some of these programs fill up by Feb or have January application dates, so keep some of them in mind for next year! Well, later this year, because you have to fill out the stuff then... :D



Summer Institute for the Gifted - multiple locations, day or residential, grades 4-11


Dublin City University - Where dd really wanted to go, but cannot :( overnight 12-16 yo


Stanford University Math Camp (SUMaC) - high school


Program in Math for Young Scientists (PROMYS) - 6 weeks, Boston U, 14+


Astronomy Camp - Tucson, AZ, some already have waiting lists, ages 13-19. I have heard FANTASTIC things about this camp, and dd has always wanted to go, but this summer mandatory gym camp falls on these dates


Adventures in Veterinary Medicine - Tufts, middle school day, hs overnight. Can you say freaking awesome?


MathPath - At Colorado College, 11-14yo overnight


Frontiers of Science Institute - University of Northern Colorado, high school


Manitoba Science Academy - 6 weeks, high school


Vanderbilt Summer Academy (VSA) - 1-3 weeks, 8-12 grade


Phillips Exeter Foreign Language Summer Programs - 4 weeks, hs. I have heard that this is one of the better summer travel programs because of the supervision.


Colorado College Pre-College program - not a camp as much as an actual college experience, i.e., little supervision.


Canadian International Student Services - Montréal Homestay anyone? I actually know nothing at all about this one, but it is in my list for some reason!


Oxbridge Academic Programs - grades 8-12. An ex-student attended The Cambridge Prep program and loved it so much, he went back three more times! Well, to different programs within the larger Oxford program.


Summer Science Program - Either in New Mexico or LA (free for NM residents!) 15-18yo. Seriously awesome for kids who love physics and astronomy.


Choate Rosemary Hall Summer Program Abraod- DD will be going to France next summer with this program. The groups travels together and spends days and weekends together, which was so important to me. I don't like the idea of a young teenager having all afternoon off like in some prgrams.


Home School Science Acadamy Anatomy and Physiology Camps


Texas A&M at Galveston - rising 8-12, vet med, marine biology, pre-med


Hillsdale College Study Abroad - Someone here had a daughter that did this and had very positive things to say about it. I love the idea of studying history while you can go out and look at the things you are talking about.


Thomas More College - The Collegiate Summer Program for High School Students - wow. seriously, just check it out


MIT programs - 4-6 weeks, women, minorities and Summer Research Institute.


Princeton Summer Women in Mathematics (SWIM) - Very generous financial aid, very serious math kids.


National Security Language Initiative for Youth - This is actually a scholarship that will pay for you to study an unpopular language abroad. Well, not unpopular, that sounds mean... Not common? Well, actually, Mandarin is fairly common considering how many people speak it compared to the rest of the world... Less commonly taught! There it is.


Sewanee Enviromental Institute - Everyone who completes the summer program receives $5000 towards tuition!! Yay!! My cousin did this lst summer and LOVED it.


Gallaudet University High School Youth Programs - For anyone who is interested in learning ASL, or is deaf and already using ASL.



Here is a list from this board earlier this month - http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80217



I have more, but I am DONE for now!

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How about Alaska?


Science and Engineering Experience Kamp (SEEK) Alaska


This camp is run by some good friends of ours, Bob Hunt and Alice Chen. They used to be stationed with my dh in the Air Force. They're both highly educated engineers (she has PhD, he has MS) who retired from the AF (both taught engineering at the AF Academy).


They've been married forever. His mom lives in Alaska. They live in Florida in the winter (where they're into water-skiing and other athletic stuff), and Alaska in the summer. They've been running this summer camp for several years. You can read their bios on their website, as well as a good run-down on the camp. I don't know the age limits, but I'm sure it's given on the website.


Check it out! I'm sure it would qualify as an "awesome educational" camp experience!



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What is the name of that enthusiastic science woman I saw at the Wa HS conference last summer. WTM Cassandra...you pointed her out to me. I think she does a camp. She had kid-charisma.

I bet you are talking about Aurora Lipper (sp?). She is having a camp here immediately following the homeschool conference.

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ID Tech computer camps are great. You sign up for one or more weeks. They offer hands-on courses in a variety of computer-related topics, including web development, game creation, and programming. My son went to this for two weeks last summer; he loved it and learned to create platform style video games.


Here's a link: http://www.internaldrive.com/index.php

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