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Why, oh WHY?!? didn't I listen to you people?

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uh-oh, I am reading Wicked while the girls take their dance lesson(the studio has it on its bookshelf)


I am only to the part where Nanny makes Melena take Elphaba to play with other children.


Is it bad writing or just yuck?



That's what I want to know also. I am only at the beginning but my husband finished it and he said he just didn't like the ending which always makes a book suck!

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bad writing and yuck. I can take a little "yuck" (although I prefer none) if the plot and writing is good. But, I just didn't like any of it. The ending was terrible. The moral premise was depressing. I was just mad at myself for choosing to spend my time on it. I have a really hard time stopping reading a book once I have started it.


But, the musical is AWESOME! Get the music if you like musicals. I am totally addicted!!!

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I bought it because I love that genre, to read on the plane trip to Disneyland and back.




I made it through two chapters, hoping it would get better.


It only got hinkier.


When we got to our hotel in Anaheim, I threw it in the trash. And I SO wanted some eye bleach :eek:

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