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Please help me identify a Movie- it would mean a lot!

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I have had nightmares to this day about a movie that scared the Cra... out of me when I was a kid...Here is what I remember. I'm asking because I've been curious what it was and also I want to see what I thought was scary. If it wasn't a really scary movie, I think I can try to understand that from a child's point of view things that don't scare us are really scary to them!


In the movie, there's a woman (a queen maybe) who has extra heads, and keeps them locked up in glass cases so she can take them off and exchange them.


The only other thing I remember is tons and tons of male beings of some sort with one wheel connected to the front of themselves, and they scared me.


That's all I remember now, but I'm really curious what it was. Thanks!

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I'm positive it's Return to Oz.


The Queen had a bunch of other women's heads in glass cases and she would randomly switch heads when she felt like it. Then they had these guys on weird wheels that guarded outside her castle. It was a weird movie but I have seen it many times since I was a kid.

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Yep, it's definitely The Return to Oz, you can get it at Netflix now. :-) The extra heads thing scared the boogers outa me too when I was little, especially when Dorothy had to go in there to get a key (or something) from the box where she kept THE head, and the heads were all sleeping, but then that one woke up and looked at her and starting yelling "Dorothy Gail!!!!!" :D The Wheelers are goofy looking to me now, and the heads part isn't scarey to me, but it is scarey to The Littles.

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See, I was looking for real horror ;)


and btw, that's a very young Faruzia Balk in that movie...


ya'll don't need to say "scared me" to me, cuz I'm gonna go looking for really true horror, not campy b-rated stuff.. ;)


(lotsa smilies ok)



Yeah your right, not really horror, but it is creepy!


I love Fairuza Balk, she's great.

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Glad I could help:)


You should see the list of movies my mom let me watch when I was way too young!! I don't know what she was thinking and although I really do love scary movies I still spent many nights hiding under my covers just so I could fall asleep.


Like I absolutely love The Shining, but who lets a 10 year old see that movie?

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I never saw that movie, but the Princess who kept 30 heads in cabinets and changed them the way other people change clothes, along with the Wheelers, is from the book Ozma of Oz, by L. Frank Baum. I'd bet it's been more than 30 years since that book was read to me, but that creepy business with the heads really stuck in my brain. (I don't plan to read the book to my kids -- don't know why I have it, actually!).

I appreciate the heads-up on the movie! I didn't know it existed, but if I'd seen it on Netflix I might well have ordered it, thinking it would be fun for the kids - ha!

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