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Anyone try the Time Travelers project packs from Homeschool in the woods?

Kate in VA

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I was looking at incorporating these in my plans for American history next year ... I was wondering if anyone has tried these? They look awesome but was wondering if it would be worth the money.... I am looking for cool games, activities and such to add to our project day and make our notebook more interactive....


What are your thoughts?:)


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I haven't worked through much of it, but we have the American Revolution CD-rom and I really like it. It is organized well and looks very professional. The kids like it too. I'm a penny-pincher, but I think this one is worth the money.


It jumps straight from Jamestown to French/Indian war, so a lot of the establishing of colonies is skipped. Not a stand-alone kind of thing, but a wonderful addition to what we're already studying. I went with this instead of the SOTW Activity guide this year.

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We used the American Revolution and Colonial one this year along with SOTW 3 activity guide. We just spent and extra week or two doing these projects. I can't wait for her next one due within the next few months.


Angie (home4fun)


Which one is next? I had heard a while ago that these were so time-consuming for her that she wasn't putting any more out. Good news if she changed her mind (at least for us - hope her family is ok with it too :-) )

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I had written Amy about what might be next.. here is her response


"At this point we are well over half way with the next TT, "The Early 19th

Century." This one will contain Barbary Pirates, Louisiana Purchase, Lewis

& Clark, War of 1812, Innovators & Inventions, Presidents, Statehoods, The

Erie Canal, the Alamo, Mexican American War, Native Americans (includes

Trail of Tears, Black Hawk War & more), Westward Movement (includes

settlers, Gold Rush, etc.), Pioneer Life, Mountain Men, Important People

of the era, Slavery in America...I think that covers it. (Some of the ones

mentioned span more than one lesson). Lord willing, it will be ready later

this spring (approx. April/May)


After that I will be focusing on 2 or 3 Activity-Paks, but we are hoping

to get to "The Civil War" shortly after, of which I hope to have ready

some time in the fall (again, LORD willing!!).


Then, assuming 2 per year, we have penciled in at this point the following:

-"Industrial Revolution through the Depression" & "WWII" (2009)

-"Ancient Egypt" & "Ancient Greece" (2010)

-"Ancient Rome" & "The Middle Ages" (2011)

-"Renaissance/Reformation" (2012)"


Hopes this helps.


Angie (home4fun)

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I really like these too! Lots of great activities!!

WE just started Colonial America this week. I use it in conjunction with a History of US book #2.

Then we will do the American Revolution.


Your printer does get a "work-out" though. I hope that she adapts her format for the next one.




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