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What do you use with Spielvogel's Western Civilization as a Teacher's Manual?

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and there are other materials you can access online.


I purchased the Instructor's Manual with Test Bank ISBN 13: 987-09-56654-0 ISBN 10: 0-495-56654-3 directly from the publisher. They were pretty homeschool friendly. I think I sent in a form stating that I was a homeschooler and would not allow my kid to cheat or something to that effect. It was a form that they sent to me by email and then I returned it by post.


Here is a link to the general website


for instructor resources. The text I have is technically the Teacher's edition, but it just has some ads and such in helps for teaching. So, don't waste your money. The Instructor's Manual is helpful in that it has outlines, test banks and suggestions for essays question and so on.


Personnally, I need the test bank. I don't want to have to think up test questions on my own...too tedious. There are two volumes to this....I only purchased the first volume because I was only planning on covering the 1st half of the book.


I'm going to stick a second link here to the site called a book companion site....this is free and really a great resource. poke around and see what all is there for the student. I have an instuctor account. It took a few phone calls, but it was worth it. I really like having access to the power point slides for the lectures and to the materials, with the notable exception of the test bank, that are also in my Instructor's Manual with Test bank.


You won't be able to access the teacher's materials without an account, but you can access all the student stuff.




I found all these to be just grand in planning my course. I hope you will find them to be helpful too.

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Thanks for the links Sharon, they look very interesting. Now I've got to go out and buy Spielvogel (just when I've got hold of SWBs History of the Ancient World) ;-)

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I used the aids online that Sharon mentioned. (And, we were using Omnibus at the time, so essay questions and such really pertained just to the GB we were reading at the time.)

Whenever I use a high school text, I always look online--inevitably there are essay questions, worksheets, and even online tests.

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