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GRRRRRRR. Fed up with Vimax ads.

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This is a rant. I have HAD IT with these "Bigger P&nis" ads that are all over the Internet these days.


My just-turned 4 year old daughter came up quietly behind me a few minutes ago while I was checking my innocent email on Yahoo. She asked, "Mommy, what does it mean when it says, Are you an average man? Want to shock girls? Surprise her with a bigger p&nis. What does all that mean What is a p&nis?"


So, you see, Homeschoolers of America, there ARE disadvantages to teaching our children to read at an early age. The only good aspect I can see is that she can't quite read it all yet. She pronounced a certain word as "pen is," as in, "The pen is out of ink."


Are these ads bothering anyone else, or is it just me? Do I have a legitimate gripe about things that are pornographic/nearly pornographic, or do I just need to :chillpill:?

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The proliferation of those ads on t.v. and radio are pretty much single-handedly responsible for turning me to the dvr and mp3 player. Honestly, is there *anyone* who doesn't know already that such products are available?! Do we really need such a constant stream of reminders?!


ETA: I don't get that stuff on my computer though.

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Is it possible you have some sort of spyware on your computer that's doing this? I'm not getting things like that.


Well... now that you mention it...


We had some "Antivirus" virus :confused: on our computer, and we took the thing to Best Buy to have it "removed."


The tech who did the "repairs" told us that the whole computer was shot, that the motherboard :confused: was bad, and we needed to buy a new computer....


My husband did not believe this person was, um, telling the truth.


We brought the thing home, plugged it in, and it has worked fine ever since, except for this pornography (Bigger Weenie ads) on almost every site...


ALSO, when I search for an item in the Google toolbar, then click on the search link, up pops a truly pornographic site, and I DO mean pornographic... Our computer never did this before we took it to Best Buy...


What is going on?

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It sounds like you have some sort of nasty spyware virus. They are not always removable, but some times you can remove them after hours of frustration. I am not a computer whiz, so I can't help! Sorry.


But I don't get ads of any sort like that. The only ads I take issue with are the ones on my husband's facebook, the ads that facebook puts on for women are fine, but the ones for married men are all for dating services. Explain that! But nothing as bad as you are describing.

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Geez, who would want a bigger one, anyway? How do they walk around with that thing as it is?







feeling a little naughty.


Yeah, the other line on the screen, the one my daughter did NOT see, was "Add 4 inches with Vimax." THAT line might have prompted her to ask for her inchworms and inchworm ruler..... We just love playing with math manipulatives around here.... :tongue_smilie:


I'm sorrying about the rant, but sheesh, is there no limit on what can be on the ads?

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I'm most annoyed by those type of ads when I watch baseball. They're everywhere. Hello, women watch baseball too, and don't you want KIDS to be watching the game? I don't want to be explaining what "ED" is anytime soon. :001_huh: I get it if it's ESPN at 10 at night, but not in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, KWIM?

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