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Had to take my baby to the vet this morning!(TMI)

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My tiny pomeranian(5 1/2lbs.) was bleeding from her backside.. she is not in heat.

I checked her out and didn't see anything, so I bathed her. She was acting fine. About 40mins later, she wanted to go out. I watched her and then went to check what she had done. Her stool was nothing but blood! I ran her to the vet and they have her now.

The Dr. said that it looks like she has ulcers in the intestines and it could either be worms or she has gotten ahold of something from a wild animal and gotten an infection.


Funny thing is my neighbor 3 doors down had the same thing happen to her dog and it was an infection from eating something from a wild animal.

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It was a parasite that she got from eating something from a wild animal. Strange we have a privacy fence, so the only thing we can think of that gets back there is mice! Neighbor(that had the same thing happen) has a terrible problem with mice. A company is clearing a large lot behind her which we assume is where the mice are coming from.

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Maybe voles or duck poo? We get voles around here and my cats always try to catch them. That's too bad, hope she gets better soon though.



I am assuming that they dig just like a mole and there aren't signs of that in the yard. We don't have ducks, but do have other birds.

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So without seeing the fecal results, I am guessing she has Giardia? Easily treated with metronidazole (Flagyl) for 5-10 days. Hope they gave you that! She should be feeling better soon if that is the cause. :)


They gave her a couple of other things as well and when I looked on it I didn't see a name. They did mention something with a G, I never can remember when I am trying to remember a lot of information!


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