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So the dc were exposed to lice today...

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We came home, & dh went ahead & changed the sheets. They needed changing anyway. I bathed the dc. What child doesn't need a bath? I washed their hair w/ shampoo, conditioner, & then a vinegar-water-orange essential oil combo.


Then I combed through 4 sets of hair, checking for bugs. 2 out of 4 had little black specks that looked like...









pepper. Just the right size, BUT... at dinner tonight, 1yo got ahold of the pepper shaker, &... I think it was really pepper. :lol:

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I have a friend who exposed my children a few weeks ago. I was SOOOO frustrated! She KNEW her child had lice and brought her to a group event anyway.


Luckily, none of my children got it - but I did the same thing you did - changed all our sheets, vacuumed all the furniture, and combed through all the kids' hair. We didn't get it.

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I've heard that it helps to blowdry their hair because the heat from the blowdrier can kill the eggs and bugs. When my dd came home with lice from a slumber party, I made sure that for about a week I washed and blowdried my other dcs' hair every day. They didn't get it. We didn't catch it in time because the mom of the girl who had the party was embarrased and didn't tell anyone their girls were exposed until about a week after it had happened. :glare:

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Don't use the lice shampoo unless you actually know there are lice and nits. It is an insecticide and not only is it unpleasant to use on your head, the creatures are becoming immune to the stuff. A thorough combing with the nit comb can be effective.


That said, I've had to treat my daughter twice for lice this year and we used the shampoo.

If you do have lice:

1) wash everything in the room that can be washed in hot water. (pillows, stuffed animals, hats, bedding, clothes, rugs, etc.)


2) Put thinks like Bike helemts and brushes and barrettes and pony tail holders in the freezer.


3) Bag items too large for the freezer and too large to be washed for a month.

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I agree with the caution re. the shampoo. Years ago, we had a little girl spend the weekend with us while her parents were away. Her mom phoned us the day after they picked her up to say that all her children had head lice. I dusted, swept, vacuumed, bathed all the dc, and she brought over lice shampoo just in case we needed it (we didn't) and we never saw a nit! I don't know how we escaped, but we did. I was later told that head lice are usually exchanged when little girls put their heads together while studying or reading and I guess that we didn't have that close of a contact.

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I have dealt with this twice.

Not one single kid EVER got it from my dd because I called everyone to warn them (in case they already had it), I wasn't at all embarassed by it, and she wore a bag on her head (with a bandana over it) for a week.


I really can't stand the pathetic mothers who are "embarassed" and yet do nothing to get rid of it or keep other kids from getting it. This is disgusting to me and parents like that should be arrested for neglect. No child should have to constantly deal with lice and be labelled as a kid who can't come and play with others because they always have it. I know people like this. It's disgusting.


It's really not that hard to get rid of it!

(If you are diligent and do what needs done).


I NEVER used a toxic chemical on my dd.

I put mayonaise in her hair (for about 12 hours) then she washed it out. There were several dead bugs in the shower. Her hair dried - I combed the heck out of it. Then I took small sections of hair and twisted them tight up to her scalp and bobby pinned them. Put a Publix bag and a bandana on, and we were good to go.


Every so often (like 5 times a day minmum) I would go outside in the sun and undo one section at a time - inspect it well - and if there was a nit I would draw it out with my fingernails (the combs do not get them ALL out). Then that section was wound up again and pinned. I went through her every section - every time.


The shampoos ONLY kill the bugs - and do nothing AT ALL to the eggs.

If I knew dd was exposed - I would check her head and if I was really worried I would do the mayo. It suffocates the bugs.


Lice like clean hair - their eggs can stick to it.

If we had to go somewhere and I knew we HAD to go and that there was a BAD lice infestation, I would grease her hair with olive oil.


When dd had it - I bagged all stuffed toys for two weeks. (That's the life cycle of an egg hatching. Once they hatch, if they don't have food, they die.) I washed all sheets. AND after every bath I put her towel in the dryer (the heat kills any bugs).


On the rare chance you do get it - when you pick the eggs out, it is ok to throw them on the ground in the grass. They die.

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Last summer at my son's little league game everybody on his team shared the same helmet and everybody on the team got lice. I found the most effective and cheapest way to get rid of lice is to get a jar of mayonaise and generously coat your child's head in mayo. Than have your child wear a shower cap or if you don't have a shower cap wrap your child's head in saran wrap. Let the mayonaise sit for 30 minutes to smother the lice. Then take a fine thin comb and comb the mayo out of your child's hair. Than wash with shampoo. I got the above tip from my hair dresser. It works and is a lot better than using chemicals also mayonaise is good your hair.





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