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Can someone explain how dictation helps


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IOW, does this make them better creative writers? Writing book reports?


Definitely read those WWE sample chapters.


Dictation will help them be better creative writers. Not everyone is geared to creative writing, BUT, if they are, dictation will help them learn to hold their creative thoughts in their minds until they can get them down on paper. Same for book reports - dictation helps them hold their thoughts in mind until they are on paper. So, I think dictation training will be useful in all types of writing, creative or not.

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Someone on the board suggested I use WWE with my 9yr old who couldn't write a sentence even though he was an avid reaader. I took their advise and the dictation has been great. He can now write a full sentence, caps, commas, and all. It has only been a few months, and I have seen a great improvement. His writing and spelling have improved as well. Who knew something so simple could work such wonders?

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