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One more piano question


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All of those could be good programs. I would go with whichever one the TEACHER likes best. If that teacher is you then pick the one you like the best and go for it.


For me, I would pick the one with the best teacher guide and a cd to listen to and any other teaching helps. But that is because I need all the help I can get.


Good luck!


Jenne in CA

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We LOVE My First Piano Adventures here! My son has a blast with it and the songs don't annoy me :P Win-win :D


They also have a manual of sorts on their website, and it's not too expensive. We start book B on Monday :)


BTW, we also are using this with a keyboard instead of a piano. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions.

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I'm wondering about the range of playing. Keyboards are not as large as a piano, so how much is lost by not showing the range of high to low?


That's a good question, and one I hadn't thought to ask. There are a couple of exercises in MFPA book A (the one we just finished) that have the child skip up or down the keys, and you won't match the CD on those, but we haven't found it to hinder my son at all. I just look at the song and adjust...so if he was supposed to start on middle C and go down 2 octaves, we start on the C to the right of middle C instead so we fit :)


I'm also sort of using these books as a test of sorts...does he love piano enough to buy one?


Good luck with your decision!

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Even though I play the piano, piano lessons for my dd7 just wasn't getting done. Now we use Simply Music which are DVD lessons and we love it! It can be used for young children (7+) because they don't have to read music. I wish I had been taught this way!


If you buy through the homeschool buyer's coop you can save 35%. It's a little pricey ($58.00 for levels 1 and 2) but so worth it for us.

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