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Sonlight people--I need advice! Core 6 & 7 or Alt 7


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I need input on which Cores we should do. My plan is do to complete SL cores for grades 5-8. I love (and already own) Core 3 and Core 4, so I am sliding those to 5th and 6th grade. I'm not a read-aloud person so I needed to slide this. So that leaves me with grades 7 and 8 to fill. I plan to do SL literature only for grades 9 and 10 (community college for grades 11 and 12.)


So I have 2 years to fill and 3 or 4 Cores to choose from.




Core 5

Alt 6/7


Core 6

Core 7


Is there enough overlap with Core 5 and Core 6 that I can skip Core 5 and move on? Plus, I would rather use SOTW than CHOW.






I don't have a problem with missing 100 as we will do 3 and 4 and then again in 7 or 6/7.

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He is doing Core 6 now, so we're taking a year between 6 and 7 to study up on geography and cultures of the eastern hemisphere a bit. He is going to be 12 this spring though. I might feel differently about doing Core 5 if he were much older. I had originally decided not to do 5 at all then changed my mind. I just can't bear the thought of him not reading at least most of those books. We will be modifying it a bit though.


Core 7 is plenty for gr 9, and I am not planning on using all the high school cores. Probably just 100 and 300 with lit selections from 200, 400 and 530 added in for free reading time over grades 10 - 12 (since he'll be a sixteen year old senior). If he wants to, we'll do 400, but honestly I'd rather he take government and economics at the community college where more group discussion can take place. He's the sort who'd love that.

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Is there enough overlap with Core 5 and Core 6 that I can skip Core 5 and move on? Plus, I would rather use SOTW than CHOW.



I think, if you want to use SOTW, I would go with 6 and 7. You could always use it for Alt 6, but you'd have to schedule it out yourself. I think it would be easier to add in the Core 5 readers to 6 & 7 as they fit into history (which is what we may end up doing).


Another factor is that Core 5 is very missionary-heavy. If that jives with your worldview, then you and your family might really love it. If you'd rather study the cultures for what they are and not as "lost people", you may want to skip it.


Just my $.02!

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