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What is your gripe? Mine George Forman Grill

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OK so often certain members of my household get out the George Forman Grill. Usually to prepare a greasy burger of other highly mess producing food product. I never get it out as I do not like how food prepared in it tastes.

The problem is they never clean it. It is left on the counter is all it messy glory for me to deal with. Cleaning this is at the top of my gross out meter. I have at times let if uncleaned for days hoping they will get the message, doesn't work. I have even left little notes on it like please clean me. They must think I leave these notes for myself, because they still don't clean the stupid thing. So if you see a George Forman grill come flying out of a house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland rest assured it is ours. I feel much better now!!!

***Update*** Since I first posted this I have clean the ultra gross grill and put it away in the cupboard with the following note

If you Use me Clean Me!

If you do not Clean Me I may dissappear

Signed --- I mean it

I will keep you posted

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let's see...a big one is people not putting things back where they belong (esp. in the kitchen!) so when I go to find something that I KNOW should be there...it's not. Grrr.... Oh, and my vacuum cleaner is my biggest gripe right now. Hate it. If you see a Bissel Lift-Off come flying out the door of a house in southeastern PA...you'll know it's mine! :D

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When the weather happens and the folks in charge can't decide to cancel an event, practice, whatever until you've already left with your dc in tow to make it to said event, practice, whatever. The last time I just told the kids, "We aren't going. I don't care if they cancel or not. We're not going." (They canceled.)

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Well right now it's the gaspingly high passport renewal fee I just discovered. I'm still in shock over seeing that high price. It is twice as expensive from the US than if I were renewing from the UK. More than three times the cost of a US passport. (Thank goodness for small mercies there because all my dc need new US passports as well).

$265 for a passport? *AND* the outdated ridiculous hassle of having someone 'official' sign the passport pic. Oops, that seems to be a rather large gripe on my part doesn't it ;)


As for your gripe about the grill. Good on ya! My dc behaved the same way with our cheapo waffle maker. I finally took it away and told them the reason. Didn't change *them* but it sure made that one thing easier for *me*! :D

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Honestly when I think of George Foreman grills I can't help but think of The Office when Michael Scott grills his own foot one morning! Cracks me up every. single. time. :D



Dd is taking her lunch break and watching The Office and this is the episode she's watching.


I have never owned a GF grill. And I've never been to Boston in the fall.

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