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Persia/Ottoman period

Kate in Arabia

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As I mentioned in the other thread, we did the chapter on Persia and the Ottomans in SOTW 3 this week. I found it interesting the difference in how the two sides look at history. I realize that space is really limited, and having done some writing myself can understand how difficult it is when you have to pick and choose what goes in and what doesn't.


In particular, mention was made that Constantinople was conquered and named Istanbul, but not much space was given to that -- in Islamic history this is one of the central events. I remember a while back dh and I were watching the Arab equivalent of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (I know, lol), and one of the low level questions was "Who led the army that conquered Constantinople?" And the poor contestant didn't know the answer.. the whole audience moaned, the host even said he apologized to all the historians rolling over in their graves, lol, it was hysterical. (Although painful to watch the poor guy, who was eliminated after one question.)


Anyway, there is a lot of material on this period, I'm attaching a photo of some of the resources we used. The puzzles are of Muhammad al-Fatih (Mehmet the Conquerer, who conquered Constantinople), we got them at a souq in Saudi, and across the top of some of them it says "Hero of Heros"..


I just find it interesting the different perspectives..



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