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Differences Between Lapbooks and Notebooking

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Can someone tell me about these? I am sure it is pretty obvious, I've done some googling, but I'd like someone to clarify. We do lapbooks a lot, but the terms and idea of notebooking is new and foreign to me. It seems a lot of classical hsers do notebooking, maybe even more so then lapbooking? Thanks for any help!

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We started out lapbooking the lapbooking way...mini books in the file folder. I have no place to store them that way and I really want to keep them and allow the boys to flip through them. So, now we are lapbooking the notebooking way. We create our mini book, we glue them to cardstock, three hole punch, and place in a notebook. Within the cardstock pages are worksheets, maps, coloring pages, ect. that also pertain to the subject. Thus becoming a notebook instead of a lapbook really.


We use TOG so each boy has a notebook for each year and then those years are divided up into the units. They also each have a science notebook. For me, this is the easiest way to store them and let the boys have access to them.

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