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Would you allow this?


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My oldest son did rotc for 1.5 years and I do not the entire story but there was some issue and he felt he was finished with ROTC so he got out to take another elective. Now my 13 year old wants to pass his brother in ROTC rank just to prove he can do it. I am trying to gauge his actually ROTC interest and I am not quite sure. I think he does want to do it just to one up his brother. My question is would you let the 13 year old do ROTC just for the competition with his brother? Personally I feel it's a great course with a lot of opportunities and the discipline was very good for my oldest son.

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Well, it's not as if the unit is going to just give him the rank. Isn't he going to have to put a lot of work into this?


My dh and his brothers are all Eagle Scouts. They all attended the same private high school and they each excelled in different things. For my youngest BIL, it was sometimes hard to be the youngest.

He decided that he was going to get his Eagle Scout at a younger age than the other two had. Worked hard and did exactly that.

I doubt that your son would continue in something that he despised just to show up his brother. But it may be an area that he sees he can excel in. I'd let him go for it.

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