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Is this normal???

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My computer crashed last week.

I took it to Best Buy, they were able to get the data off - I was so excited. When I first got the tower back home, they had forgotten to put the hard drive back in - no big deal, I called, they found it right away and I picked it up. I put the hard drive back in last night and my computer worked just fine! I have no idea why it crashed, or why its working now, or if I can trust it - or why I paid $240 to retrieve data that I can get to now just fine.

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My software genius husband says:


The Best Buy guys are notorious for copying hard drives and rifling through them for 'good stuff'--mostly racy pictures. They now have a copy of your hard drive.


$240? Holy moley. ("You could practically buy a new computer for that.")


It's impossible to diagnose exactly what went wrong with your computer with this information. You need someone to analyze your computer and figure that out. It isn't possible to say right now whether your hard drive is just dandy or dying.


Learn: you should back up your drive regularly, so you don't have to do that again.


--Hope that helps.

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Your drive is probably dying. So it will work fine, then sieze up with heat or bad sectors being accessed. Save everything you can now, and then replace it. In future, if your data is worth $240 dollars to you, plan in advance and backup. Raid backup is automatic so you don't have to worry. You can also use a usb key, or online backup as other options. And the other poster is right, best buy always copies hard drives for porn.

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