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How do you handle your read alouds?


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I've been side-lined by the stomach flu :glare: and with the lack of tv, it has given me lots of time to think about next year. I'm fairly certain that we are going to go with SOTW-2 and the AG instead of Sonlight Core 2. I love Sonlight, but my dd loves SOTW and the hands on activities. Plus it's easier for me to add in the notebooking. My plan is to add some addtional books into the history plans and also continue with read-alouds, some of which will tie into history, some good books and some Sonlight books. My question is how do you handle read-alouds? Do you just read and enjoy? Do you have your child narrate back? Do you make a list of comprehension questions to use? Also, what do you think of this list for a second grader(she did fine with Sonlight's Core 1 RA's this year)? Can you think of better ones for the time period we are doing?


Mystery of the Roman Ransom (we are reading Detective in Togas this year)

A Little Princess

The Cricket in Times Square

Twenty One Balloons

Strawberry Girl

Castle Diary

Robin Hood

Door In the Wall

Ginger Pye

Five Little Peppers And How They Grew

Secret of the Andes


Elizabeth I: The Royal Diares (might do Shakespeare Stealers instead)

Moccasin Trail


Thanks for any help/advice!

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Have you seen Paula's archives?



I saw a list of Sonlight books with sotw2 once, too. I copied it into a word document, so I'll just cut and paste it here for you.




Medieval/Early Renaissance (400-1600)


Correlating SoTW with Sonlight readers.



Books in red have been discontinued by Sonlight.


Books in green have been added.


Grammar Stage (Gr. 1-4)

8/9--A Grain of Rice - Pittman SLK (Ancient China)

n/a--The Apple and the Arrow - Buff SLK (Wiliam Tell)

14--The Usborne Time Traveler (Medieval & Viking sections) SL1

The Minstrel in the Tower - Skurzinsky SL1(Middle Ages)

19--Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest - McGovern SL1

22.1--Marco Polo - Graves SL2

25.1--A Door in the Wall - De Angelli SL2 (Plague)

The Whipping Boy - Fleischman SL2 (Middle Ages)

17.1--The Sword in the Tree - Bulla SL2 (knights) (113p) EPL

14--The Viking Adventure - Bulla SL2

14--Eric the Red & Leif the Lucky - Schiller SL2(Vikings)

Castle Diary - Platt SL2

26.2--Joan of Arc - Stanley SL2

Michaelangelo - Stanley SL2

38.2--Good Queen Bess - Stanley SL2

The Explorer's News - Johnstone SL2

35.2--Fine Print: A Story About Johann Gutenberg - Burch SL2

19--Tales of Robin Hood - Allan SL2

32--Incas, Aztecs & Mayans - Holzmann SL3

32.3--The Secret of the Andes - Clark SL3 (Incas)

32--Walk the World's Rim - Baker SL3 (16th cent Coronado)

41--Om-kas-toe - Thomasma SL3 (Blackfeet Indians)

41--North American Indians - Gorsline SL3

31.1--Pedro's Journal - Conrad SL3 (Columbus)

Logic Stage (Gr. 5-8)

The Kite Fighters - Park (1473, Korea) SL5

Shadow Spinner - Fletcher SL5 (Arabians)

Aladdin and Other Favorite Arabian Nights Stories - Dover SL5 (Classic)

21.2--Genghis Khan - Lamb SL5 (Mongols)

21.2--The Mongols - Nicholson SL5

Call it Courage - Sperry SL5 (Pacific Islands)

29--A Glorious Age in Africa - Chu & Skinner SL5 (African Empires)

29--Beat the Story Drum, Pum-Pum - Bryan SL5 (African Tales)

29--The Rat Catcher's Son - London X SL5 (African Tales)

Tales of a Korean Grandmother - Carpenter SL5

21.1--Genghis Khan-Mongol Emperor - Humphrey SL5

39--Shakespeare Stealer - Blackwood SL6

The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day - O'Dell SL6 (William Tyndale)

Otto of the Silver Hand - Pyle SL6 (Middle Ages)

**Adam of the Road - Gray SL6 (Middle Ages) (1154) (317p) EPL

17.2--The Samurai's Tale - Haugaard SL6 (Japan)

31.1--The World of Columbus and Sons - Foster SL6

34.1--Martin Luther: Hero of Faith - Nohl X SL6

The Beduin's Gazelle - Temple SL6 (1302 Beduin tribes, Arabia)

17.1--The Great and Terrible Quest - Lovett SL6 (Knights)

Leonardo da Vinci - Hahn SL6

The Second Mrs. Giaconda - Konigsburg SL6 (Leonardo da Vinci)

Mary, Bloody Mary - Meyer SL6 (Mary Tudor)

The Middle Ages - Caselli SL6

Morning Star of the Reformation - Thomson X SL6 (William Tyndale)

34.1--The Monk Who Shook the World - Davey X SL6 (Martin Luther)

The White Stag - Seredy SL6 (Magyars, Attila the Hun)

35.2--Fine Print: A Story About Johann Gutenberg - Burch SL6

History of US: Volume 1- Hakim SL7 (Native Americans)

Rhetoric Stage (Gr. 9-12)

The Canterbury Tales - McCaughren SL8

The Shining Company - Sutcliff SL8 (7th century Britain)

The Trumpeter of Krakow - Kelly SL8 (Middle Ages)

The Ramsay Scallop - Temple SL8 (14th century Europe)

Twelfth Night - Shakespeare SL8 (Classic)

A Murder for Her Majesty - Hilgartner SL8 (Elizabethan era)

A Taste of Chaucer - Malcomson SL8 (Classic)

This Was John Calvin - Van Halsema SL8

Beowulf - Heaney SLBL (Anglo-Saxon)

Canterbury Quintet - Chaucer SLBL

Hamlet - Shakespeare SLBL

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Winny SLBL

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We pretty much just read and enjoy. I regularly ask my son to write about things we've been reading about (he's often been reading about them on his own, too), but I don't do it the minute we get up from reading, ya know? I launch stealth assignments, LOL..... And he's in the fifth grade this year. I did NOT do this during the elementary years!


I just wanted to also ask you about your name. I like it and wonder where it comes from. We're part of a KUNA delegation this year representing Swaziland and we're using a song by a native singer, Miriam Mabeka, called Pata, Pata for our version of a reed dance. In SiSwati, as I understand it, Pata means "touch". Anyway, just a bit of curiosity on my part. I've been singing and dancing to Pata, Pata all week, LOL. There's a 1960's version of her singing it on YouTube that is simply shag-a-delic.....

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Thanks for the answers, I was kinda leaning towards just enjoying the read-alouds. It's nice to know that this is how others do it at this point. I have seen Paula's archives and the Sonlight/WTM list, that's where I got most of my choices. I was just wondering if there were any tried and true selections out there since I won't be able to go to the library and pick a new one if it doesn't work. The joys of living overseas without a library!


Pata is actually a combination of the first two letters of my name and my dd's name, no special meaning, just my scientific attempt at creativity;)!

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