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Combining MFW and Sonlight?


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My DD will turn 5 in April. I'm in process of pulling together her K materials for the fall (or maybe we'll start in summer). I have MFW K that I planned to use -- just the TM "letter of the week" activities and adding in a little more math and our own phonics. I really like the looks of Sonlight, too, and although I'm not second-guessing my decision on MFW (ok, maybe just a tiny bit), I am wondering if anyone combines these two -- ie, using them both as scheduled. I don't want to short change the MFW book basket. I know I could just have the Sonlight books on hand for extra reading -- which I'll probably do either way -- but I like things to be scheduled for me. I was thinking of PK 4/5, and saving our chapter book reading for evenings with her big brother. By way of reference, DD has just started ETC 4 and is part way through Singapore EB 2A.


Thanks for your thoughts!

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I don't do two curriculums but I do add sonlight books to MFW for extra reading. Don't know if that helps ....


I do this too. I do my own plopped together curriculum but use the sonlight and ambleside online lists for our readalouds (or have this year for 1st grade). I tend to overkill on the readalouds (goal is 2 hours/day), so additional suggestions are always helpful :)

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