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Do you use a science curriculum that excites you and your children?


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We were doing NOEO Biology 1 and that was going okay. But...I have broken away from it and have been doing my own thing. We read a variety of living books, complete lapbooks/notebooks, and try to do anything hands on that would be appropriate for what we are studying.


A couple weeks ago we were reading Donald Silver's One Small Square: Woods. After we finished the part about what you find on the "floor" of the woods, we went walking in the woods and found some dead logs. We ripped off the bark and rolled them over so we could find all of the living things using this dead log as a resource. Another day we took a walk in the Arboretum nearby and make rubbings of bark and leaves.


As I planned next years topics, we (the boys and I) checked out the lapbooks and units available at homeschoolshare.com. We decided to do a unit on dinosaurs, one on Meerkats, another one are sharks, and one on forest animals (we will read a lot of Thornton W. Burgess' books for this one)...and some other units, but I can't think of the off the top of my head.


We make science very laid back, engaging, and really part of life (nature study just seems to happen)...at least in the Grammar stage. :001_smile:

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We do science the original WTM way. (original edition of the book) Some years I use a different spine though. We also buy various science kits. Right now we are using The Magic School Bus human body one:



And ScienceWiz kits for chemistry:



We absolutely love science. The other day we made a working model of a ball and socket joint, dissolved the outer layer off a chicken bone to make it soft, snapped it open to see the inside, made a gas out of a solid and liquid, filled a ballon with carbon dioxide and saw it drop faster than the one filled with air.


I like that the kids do lots of independent science reading and I do experiments when I feel up to it. No pressure!

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I suggest you pick a program age-appropriate to your 10 yo and then just do nature study with the youngers. The Elements by McHenry is what I'm wanting to do next with my dd. Or Exploration Education would be independent and something your 10 yo could do. It's no fun for the oldest if they get short shrift and always have to tag along with littles doing science that doesn't fit them or meet their level of curiousity. (jmho)

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