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Non-plastic shower curtain liners?

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Hi all,


This is not one of those earth-shattering questions, but I've been wondering if there's any viable alternative to the standard vinyl/plastic shower curtain liners. One of our cats thinks vinyl is very, very tasty, and he usually eats about an 18-inch square off the corner of every new liner we buy. This gets old fast. Has anyone tried any earthy, crunchy fabric alternatives? And do they work?


We do have a cotton canvas outer shower curtain, but it's too thin to be a waterproof layer.


Thanks much -


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I went back and got another for our second shower. I do remember having a heck of a time finding it. They are in a weird place and you might have to ask. They were in the $10 range and have held up very well. One has a hole but that's my fault. I bleached it and that's not good for it and quite unnecessary.

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We have a nylon one; I bought it at Lowes Home Improvement. It has some kind of weights in the bottom hem to keep it from flying around and attacking people in the shower. :)


Mine says it can't be bleached, but we live in a high-humidity area and have to fight mold constantly. I put in through a heavy-duty soak cycle with bleach every 4-6 weeks, and it hasn't developed any holes yet. We've had this one for a couple of years now. I figured since it only cost about $10, it wouldn't break us to have to replace it in 3 or 4 years if the bleach wore it out.

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