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Help decide between Apologia Biology and BJU homesat Biology

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I went to BJU website to look at a sample and I compared it to the Apologia book I have in my hand. Now granted, I do not remember learning ATP and ADP in high school but the BJU pages seem to make more sense to me. I believe the explanations are better.


Can someone who has looked at both courses tell me more? We have used Apologia for both General Science and Physical Science. I thought I had our high school science planned out with Apologia but now that I started my "curriculum hunt", I wonder if the grass is greener with BJU dvd's.


Would love some pros/cons or experience with both.


Thank You,



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I can't speak for Apologia Biology, but I absolutely love BJU Homesat Biology! The teacher is just wonderful -- engaging and interesting and "cool", but extremely knowledgeable and able to really get the concepts through to the kids. My daughter adores her.


We tried HomeSat almost as an experiment this year after attempting to do BJU's Biology on our own last year (I stopped after the third chapter last year, as some of the concepts were just a little beyond her reach at the time -- then again, she was only in 8th grade -- she was doing okay, but wasn't really 'getting' it, and I decided to wait a year). The difference is amazing. Biology has gone from something she struggled with to being the one class that she actually anticipates every day. I'm sure that a lot of that is simply age and maturity -- but most of the credit goes to Mrs. Ericson and her knack for 1) holding the kids' interest and 2) knowing how to pour the information into their brains while she's got their attention.


The HomeSat teachers encourage the kids to e-mail them with any questions they might have, and they address those questions during class. There is also an internet forum for each class where kids can go to discuss things with other kids in their classes. (I just noticed that you mentioned the DVDs instead of the HomeSat -- with the DVDs, you would not have e-mail or forum capability.)


I really can't recommend it highly enough. We have been very pleasantly surprised. I initially balked at the price tag, but there is no doubt in my mind that we are getting our money's worth. It really is a wonderful option.

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We have not done the BJU biology yet, but we are currently doing the HomeSat Physical Science and LOVE it! We will absolutley continue with BJU Homesat biology when we are done. I would never attempt to do BJU biology without the HomeSat teacher. It is so wonderful having a teacher who knows his stuff, make sense out the textbook for us. Not only that, but the BJU science program is much more rigorous than Apologia.

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