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1syear of omeschoolng...wit 4 kids under 5 !Need help please !

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This is my 1st year of HS and I am overwheled with all the curriculums.

After alot of research , I tend to choose CLE for Math and possibly LA.

Can someone tell me if this is appropiate in my situatin?


I have 4 kids under five , including a newborn o I need something that

is not teacher intnsive. I would no like to spend more thant 30 min/day

on each subject for 1st grade .


My lder son is 5right now and we did some Kidergarten workbooks . Hecan count to 100 , place value knows clock to 1h &30 min. He still has problems counting backwards from 100. I need a Math program that "teaches" me how to teach math since I am not too good at explaining concepts . I heard MAth u See is better at

that. Also , he is very visual. Is CLE Math good for visual learners ?

Can someone tell me if this program is better that CLE Math and which

one you&your child likes better?


My son who is 5 reads very good (chapter books) but I feel he still

needs some phonics instruction and a spelling program. He can spell

simple words like cat , stop, take, God,you , love, etc. Would CLE LA

1st grade would be a good fit for him or would he need 2nd grade?

We love to read a lot of books (I read a loud and he reads to me) so in

this case , would he still need to do the CLE reading program as well?

I wonder f thiswuld not b too muchwritng for his little hand. He likes

wokbooks ut only if there is nottoo much writing involved.


Alo , I am concerned that he will be bored with workbooks that don't

have colors . He is very visual an likes pictures. How do your children

do with CLE materials , do theylike them ? In my opinion , is not

enough if the curriculum is great academically if it does not appeal to

my son.


Thank you for any advice&suggestion

God bless you !

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I don't know anything about CLE Math or LA. However, we love MUS (Math-U-See). It is VERY good for a visual learner, because of the use of the blocks. Also for a busy mom like you, the video that comes with it explains everything. If your son catches on easily, you can have him watch and then do the assignments, with very little instruction from you. If you're going to try MUS you should start at an early age, because the way they do things is so different, from other programs. Different but better, IMO :001_smile:. Hope you find what works for you.

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This might sound silly considering the forum, but have you looked at TWTM? It's a great resource and will a great place to start when considering cirriculum. Following SWB's plan will help you to stay away from a lot of workbooks and it sounds like that would be more along what your son would like. As for math, I use Saxon, but while it is scripted for those who 'challenged' in that subject it is a spiral approach to math with a lot of repetition that many do not like. (I do) What I have heard of Math-U-See sounds great, you just want to add math facts drill as I do not think they are strong in that area. I am using the Phonics Museum for the 2nd time with my 2 middles (they are both in first). I like it, but find some of it unnecessary (2nd time around) and tweak it quite a bit. I am also using OPGTR (I know 1st grade overkill, what can I say I really want them to read well) A lot of people say you don't even need a spelling program until 3-4th grade. I am currently using Spelling Workout but have purchased Webster's blue back speller and am going to try it out.


I guess the main thing is to relax a little, and instead of looking at ind. curriculum maybe look at methodologies a bit. Do you need an open and go? Do you like the idea of unit studies (where you mix most subjects together under a theme like Volcanoes or The Oregon Trail)? Charlotte Mason is big here as well as Drew's Latin Centered Cirriculum. When you know what you want then you can put the cirriculum into place.


Of course, since SWB is my hero, that is why I follow TWTM almost to a T. I hope I didn't overwhelm you. Feel free to pm me with any ?s. Don't worry, it will get easier and then much harder. :lol:

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Hello, and welcome to the forum and to homeschooling. It sounds like you're off to a great start. Keep up the good work! It seems like Alpha Omega LifePacs with Horizons Math might be your best fit. They are formatted similar to CLE, I think, but more colorful and fun. There are Bible verses and Christian references to the lessons. Take a look at their samples on their website: http://www.aophomeschooling.com/media/pdf/products/sample_pages/sample_JMS011.pdf



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I have to second MUS. I haven't taught math since MUS came into my house. I let Mr. Demme teach via the video. This has worked wonders for us.


Another visual/hands on program that we love is All About Spelling. Quite a few people are using it for spelling and teaching reading/phonics. You can find discussions about it at The Chatterbee website. The author of AAS has readers coming out soon that coincide with the AAS lessons.


First Language Lessons 1 & 2 is mostly oral. If you have time for about 10 minutes of one-on-one you might like using FLL. It is scripted and very teacher friendly.

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