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Is green tea safe for a woman of child bearing age to drink?

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I read here at WTM boards that green tea inhibits the body using folates and iron. I looked it up and that does seem to be the case.


So now I'm concerned because I drink green tea all day long and have for the last two years or so, at least in the cooler months. I'm the type of person who is always cold and my tea is a big comfort to me and I thought green tea was good for me so felt I had found a good solution.


I'm thinking maybe one mug a day would be okay, but not the 4 mugs a day I was drinking, as someone who has been seriously considering ttc.


Any thoughts on this? What hot drink could I have instead? I'm not a coffee fan unless it's laden with calories from Starbucks and prefer to leave that as a very occasional treat.

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Try herbal teas. They should be completely safe.


Having grown up in Japan though, there are millions of Japanese women of child-bearing age who have drunk green tea all day long. Personally I wouldn't worry too much about it.


That's what I was pondering also. I'm wondering if in Japan, their cup of green tea is a lot smaller than my giant mug. And if they limit it more than I was.


My midwife does recommend red rasberry leaf tea, which I drink in the 2nd trimester and beyond.

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