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Scripture Memorization

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I am looking for a good way to memorize scripture, preferrably like in a daily plan for older and younger children. We use the KJV. I had looked at MEMLOK but am not sure I like all the cartoon character things to memorize scripture.


Any ideas would be much appreciated!


I love how Sonlight does it but we don't use Sonlight sooo....can't see buying the IG just for that part of it.





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Here are some planned memory work resources:


A book you can download for free... I love its thoroughness. It has lots of Bible verses (age appropriate length, etc.) and catechism...




Here are graded memory books from CPH:


Voyages Memory Books:

K-1st $1.75

2nd-4th $2.50

5th-8th $2.75


You can learn the books of the Bible by rote or with song:

The Other Songbook†by Dave & Barb Anderson. This songbook is only $13 for a nice, spiral-bound book with lots of great songs, including songs of the Books of the Old and New Testament.



Learning whole passages of Scripture is special, too. Here's a link to some neat resources: http://www.rtol.net/jonathanmeyer/thyword/


Here are some systems that help you go about it:

Simply Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System



Ideas here:







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