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Should I get the TMs and workbooks, or just the readers? My almost 6yo is reading on about a 3rd grade level, and I am not sure whether I need the whole program or not. On the other hand, my 4 1/2yo is just starting to read CVC words well (hey...I'm busier now than I was when the 5yo was that age...haha). Any advice? I am tempted to just buy the whole level they each will be starting in, because I have a third child coming up behind them. Anyhow, what do you think about the TMs and workbooks? Indispensible or a waste of money?


By the way, we are already going to be doing AAS for spelling and FLL for grammar.

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The workbooks have phonics, word study and comprehension questions. There are grammar/phonics/writing workbooks called Climbing to Good English that coordinate loosely with Pathway readers. I would only get the workbooks if you want to use this as your main LA curriculum. If you just want some fun graded readers, you don't need the wbs. You really only need the TM for the 1st grade, after that they're mainly common sense (and the answer key). You can see extensive samples here:




We alternate between Learning Language Arts Through Literature and Pathway because we hs year round and ds really needs that much repetition. When we do Pathway, I also use WWE and R&S English which we do orally. Those only take about 5-10 minutes each.


For a child that knows CVC words, you can start with First Steps and Learning Through Sounds 2 (skip LTS 1, Before We Read and Helping Yourself). Days Go By and More Days Go By have some phonics worksheets in the back of the workbooks, but you still will need LTS 2 unless you prefer another phonics program. LTS is b&w and the graphics are fairly basic, but it gets the job done for $2.50. Even if you use another program, you might still want LTS because it covers a bit of everything and some of the worksheets are actually very engaging.


ETA: Wendy's right about the patriarchal vibe of these books. Although I'm a feminist they don't offend me because they are so clearly not part of our daily experience. We don't ride in buggies, have a barn or raise livestock so a lot of what's going on in the readers is as alien to my kids' lives as ancient Egypt. If they were set in a modern suburb I would be uncomfortable with them.

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Pathway Readers are Mennonite publications probably intended for umm...Mennonites (which doesn't describe me either ;) ). That explains the buggies and the roles. My children hear the stories like the PP, as something rather foreign to them (even though we live on land and have chickens).


We used the readers alone for 1st grade (last year in kindergarten). This year, we've used the workbooks with the readers. IMO, if you're already doing phonics and grammar elsewhere, skip the workbooks. The teacher's guide is good if you're using the workbooks for the first time but otherwise unnecessary.

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