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need language arts adice!


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I need some suggestions for language arts for 4th grade! We have really struggled this year in this area.


This is what we've tried: R&S ( gets boring very quickly and he just wasnt' getting it)

Growing with Grammar - he liked it but I don't think he retained anything!

Worldy Wise - this is fine

Writing Tales - this is ok

Right now we're doing Evan Moor Daily language review and it's ok but not enough!

For spelling -Evan Moor

Shurley Grammar ( we started this after Christmas) - I like the thoroughness of it but he hates it and says it's too long!


Is there anything out there that combines all of these together and doesn't take so long to get through?


Has anyone tried K12's 4th grade program? What did you think?




(oh...we have done all of these this year! This is what we've tried since 1st grade)

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I don't do "language arts." :D


I'm not surprised that your ds didn't seem to "retain" grammar after just one year of GWG. Generally, if you start that early you *will* need to do *anything* for more than one year. Often, waiting until the dc are older, say, 10 or so, results in being able to do it just once.


We really liked Easy Grammar and Writing Strands.


Wordly Wise was ok.


Shurley English would not have been our cup of tea--all the jingles and stuff would *not* have been appreciated, lol.

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K12's 4th is not one I would use. The whole tone is babyish, IMO and seems put together in an "Oh, yeah, we need some grammar skills." way. The lit part was just plain dumb to mine. Read and answer questions, repeat. And I bought 2 copies of it!!


Grammar isn't a one shot deal. A child will need more than just one year for it to sink in. Most grammar programs repeat themselves with more depth each year for that purpose. How about trying:


Gram: go back to GWG 5 or if you feel he needs a repeat, how about FLL4? Mostly oral and you can be right there to see if the light goes on. (Mine HATED R&S for several reasons.)

Writ: well, my oldest is liking Jump In! Simple easy to use. My younger is doing WWE 1-3.

Spell: Evan Moor seems to be working for you. Keep it. We used it for a while but are heading back to SWO.

Vocab: you said Wordly Wise works for you. You could drop vocab entirely until he finishes the spelling program you have chosen to free up a few minutes.

Read: mine have an assigned list and write a short book report for each book. Simple and done. We have done Reading Detective and they liked it.


Lang Arts doesn't have to be more than the top 3, really. Keep it simple for yourself.



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