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Severe pain in ONE arm & shoulder with flu symptoms

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Feel free to tell me to go to the doctor. I have an appt already made for this afternoon. I had typical flu symptoms on Saturday (high fever, body aches, chills, fatigue) but no respiratory symptoms or congestion.


Still ran a lower fever yesterday and today but feel much better except for moderate to severe pain in my left arm (shoulder, elbow, and upper arm muscles). I'm not familiar with flu aches becoming localized like this. Any ideas?



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Felt sick and ran a low grade fever off and on all week. After school he rode his bike a little around the yard. By dinner time he couldn't bend both of his legs because it was too painful, and the fever was back. Too weird.


I took him into the doctor, and she thought it might be an untreated strep infection. But both strep tests came back negative, so they did a blood screen to see if there was anything else weird. Nothing turned up, and the pains had gone away by then. Must have just been a weird virus.

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Thanks. I'm just back from the doc and he says my pain is consistent with a rotator cuff injury. He suggested that sometime in my fever induced delirium that I stressed/strained that shoulder (even slept on it funny and cut off circulation). He did say that it is typical for flu aches/pains to concentrate in areas that have been injured in the past.

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