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Questions about Chalkdust Math

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I have added Chalkdust Pre-Algebra to be ever growing list for my 7th grade dd Prealgebra plans for next year. I had not even looked at Chalkdust until last night. I have some questions for those who have used this or other Chalkdust classes.


1. Is this a traditional type textbook? Divided into chapters with little revidew?


2. I can only see the cd demo on Chalkdust website. Is there anywhere to see samples of the textbook?


3. Has anyone started this and not liked the format?


4. Can you compare at all to my other choices which are:

Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra, Lials Pre-Algebra (which I do have), Saxon Algebra 1/2.


Any other information you can give me that would be helpful would be appreciated. Thanks.

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My dd is doing Chalkdust pre-algebra this year. The book is a standard textbook. It has 10 chapters, usually 5 sections within each chapter. Each chapter (after the 1st) has a chapter review, chapter test and cummulative review.


The book is authored by Aufmann, Barker and Lockwood; published by Houghton Mifflin. You might be able to see samples on the HM website.


My dd likes the video lessons - we plan to continue with Chalkdust.


I haven't seen the other options so I can't compare. I went with Chalkdust because I wanted the video lessons and a challenging curriculum. I am happy with this choice.

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There are review problems before the problems in each section. I don't remember what the section is called in pre-algebra, but in Alg I and II and geometry, it's called "cumulative review" or "integrated review," something like that. Geometry has periodic sections that review algebra I as well. I highly recommend doing all of the problems in each review section.

It is a traditional textbook with 5 or 6 numbered sections per chapter (5.1, 5.2, etc., each with an integrated review section), a mid-chapter quiz, an end-of-chapter review and a chapter test.

I love programs with tests. :001_smile:



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We moved to Chalkdust Alg I after my son did Saxon Alg I, and he and I, both math lovers, began hating alg. He was very young so I decided to look at Chalkdust. We both LOVED it. We did Alg I without the DVD's, and he moved through Geometry with the DVD's and is now almost done with Alg II.


My daughter did pre-algebra with Chalkdust and is now in Alg I. My daughter needs much more review with some things so Chalkdust is great for us. It is challenging, but there are 80 - 100 problems in each lesson. So when she does not get some thing immediately, we can find more problems to work. She is now trying the DVD's on loan from a friend.


I think that it is an excellent program. Having two different learning styles with my children, I really appreciate that they both like the program and books. Good luck


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I think there is plenty of review in Pre-Alg. It's not like Saxon where each lesson is a mixture of problems, but the concepts build and are continually practiced.


For example, Ch 3 is about fractions. There are 6 sections in that chapter, and each section is broken up into 2-4 sections each. In 3.4, there are 170 problems, so plenty of practice. After watching the DVD, you decide how much work your child needs to do. You can work for an hour or pick a ceratin number of problems. When the child has mastered the material, move to the next section. At the end of the chapter, there are sections on problem solving, group activites, a quick chart for a chapter summary, a chapter review, chapter test, and then a cumulative review.


Chapter 4 is on decimals and exponents, but you will see problems with fractions. Then when you get into polynomials in 5 and 6, you'll see fractions, decimals, and exponents.

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We are using CD for Prealgebra and really like it. It's going very smoothly and DS is learning without complaints. My other kids had used Saxon Alg 1/2 for Prealgebra and really hated it. Too much jumping around and complicated computations.


I have a copy of Lial's Prealgebra and feel it's equivalent to Chalkdust's Aufmann book. Chapters in different order. If you want DVD instruction, you'll not find any better that CD's Dana Mosely, imo. But if you don't need DVD instruction the Lials' book is fine. There's a review chapter in the Lial's appendix you might want to start with though called Whole Numbers review.

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