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Mummy brag alert - previous panicky post follow up, part 1

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I don't know if your remember a post I wrote about dealing with the weight of responsibility implied by home educating the boys. I decided in the course of that discussion to test them with the UK standardised tests, as we are headed towards the British curriculum.


I tested Hobbes first, as he has to be seven for his test to be valid and his birthday's in May. The old tests are available on line, as are the teacher's mark schemes, etc.


So, for reading, spelling and maths he came out at the level of an average 9yo taking those tests (level 3 for any Brits reading). Looking at the marks in more detail, he was at roughly the 80th percentile for maths, 95th for reading and above 95th for spelling. He falls into the 'exceptional' category for the last two subjects.


Now I just need to teach Calvin to write a timed essay (something I was thinking of doing anyway) so he can take his tests in May.


Thanks again for all your support during my wobble.



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Great news Laura. Of course everyone else knew this already!

You also know that your children have experiences way beyond what the average British child has, and knowledge that most British adults don't have, right?

It is a lot of responsibilty home educating with little appreciation from family and friends of what is involved but rest assured we all appreciate you!

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I always loved taking standardized tests, they felt so empowering. And I'm not in the slightest surprised at the results. I couldn't imagine you doing anything but a first rate job with your boys.


I always loved taking them, too. I thought they were fun.


Laura, I'm not in the least bit surprised! Isn't it a nice feeling, to have your fears laid to rest?

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Laura, I always appreciate your posts and enjoy learning how your kids are progressing. I also love your blog as we have considered moving to China to work for a few years.


Sorry it's taken so long for me to get back to you - I missed your post. If you have any specific questions about China, I'm happy to answer them.



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