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Has anyone used Heart of Dakota?


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I was wondering if anyone has used The Heart of Dakota curriculum, specifically Little Hearts for His Glory? I am currently using My Father's World Kindergarten with my 6yo daughter. We are not enjoying it as much as I though we would, so I am considering switching to HOD for 1st grade. I would greatly appreciate any info you could give me, positive or negative.


Thanks so much,



Mom to 5 :grouphug: beautiful blessings


dd-12 :seeya: MFW Creation to the Greeks, TT Pre-Algebra, R&S English, Apologia General Science


dd-11 :smilielol5: MFW Creation to the Greeks, Math is in limbo, R&S English


ds-8 :auto: MFW Creation to the Greeks, Singapore 2A&B, R&S English


dd-6 :lol: MFW Kindergarten


dd-2 :smash: just along for the ride!

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Hi, sorry I can't give you input but I am also wanting to switch from MFW to HOD. I think the program looks wonderful. I won't use the suggested Singapore math and am still trying to decide which way I want to continue with phonics. From everything I have read, it's very easy to substitute what you want for those subjects anyway. I think the Bible, science & history looks wonderful for my 5 year old dd and 4 year old twin boy's. We will be using next school year when she is 6 and they are 5. :001_smile:

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Hi! We used Little Hands for Heaven for a pre-school co-op and loved it. It's very easy to use, takes little to no prep and the activities are perfect for their attention span. I assume that the other programs are the same. I haven't used it since because it doesn't match up with my oldest (she writes it as she goes and my oldest is older than her curriculum). I was thinking about buying it for my youngest next year, but I own FIAR and I decided I shouldn't spend more money if I didn't need to.:blush: If we weren't on the history track we are, if my oldest were younger . . . etc . . . etc, I think it's an excellent curriculum for elementary school and well worth the investment.



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We started HOD last fall and used the Beyond level for about 7 months. My kids loved it and still love it three weeks into the Bigger level. I am finding it very easy to use and I actually am going through it with them at a faster pace than one unit a week. We will end up using two levels in about 16 months.


To clarify, I use MUS, FFL and AAS instead of the right side of the page. This gives me the flexiblity to do those subjects at grade level while combining grade 1 and 4. My daughter does not have learning disabilities but struggles with a challenging curr load. My son is slightly ahead for his age in almost all subjects. Beyond was a light 7 months for us but the kids learned a bunch and are retaining it. This is what I keep hearing from other people, that the retention is amazing and they keep loving it each day. This is my goal for their early years.


Bigger has a very nice approach. She has you make a timeline then goes through American History biographically. Beyond was chronologically. The science in Bigger has impressed me, however I cannot say that for the Beyond level. Now, my kids are carefully making their notebook pages and learning as they go. Notebooking is something I have always wanted to do but could not for some reason. HOD made it happen effortlessly.


The poems are choosen well and are appealing to my kids. The bible is very appropriate and the Bigger level even goes into character traits of Historical characters. This has been a very helpful quality in everay day parenting. There have been many instances this week where I could gently remind my kids of the perserverance of Christopher Columbus. They received it well and I was off the hook.


I am grieving the loss of HOD. I do not want to do an overview year of history and my son is not ready for the newly published year for the ancients. So, I am moving on reluctantly. I highly recommend the Beyond and Bigger year. It has been the most productive homeschooling year we have had and also the easiest for me.



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Hey there,

I am using HOD this year- AND I am using LHFHG with my six year old.

First: HOD is very flexible. I am free to customize best for my family. We use Spelling Wisdom and Writing With Ease without a problem in our home. This is with my older two.


Little Hearts for His Glory has been so wonderful for our family- and my son and I... I wouldn't change anything. The activities are short, sweet, doable, meaningful and educational! They make an impact. They are right on his level-it is so easy to lose that in a large home schooling family. Also- I get it done- which is noteworthy enough considering all I have on my plate this year...


I used MFW for Kindergarten and First Grade with my oldest son. I will say that HOD is very different.


Things have changed a little from my signature- I moved my seven year old into Beyond (not doing the whole program)...


For my large family, Heart of Dakota, with its wonderful Christian focus and heart for discipleship has been such a blessing.

I hope this helps,


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