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Grammar on DVD like Teaching Textbooks?

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This is a great program for about 5th and up. It is less painful if the child has has atleast one year of grammar covering the parts of speech and exposure to punctuation and mechanics. They don't have to be great just have had exposure if they are younger. I used BOTH program each year about 3 times a week. I gave my kids monthly goals, if not met they ended up with lots of Saturday work the last Saturday of the month, and still had to get my min. passing score. You get a few painful, grouchy Saturdays before it sinks in, especially the boys!
I have used this into 10th grade. The demo on the web site is really good. I use lots of computer tech compared to many here on the boards; I also use lots of living books. For things that are not being taught for the first time and dont change like math facts and grammar rules I dont see the point of drilling/reviewing directly. Good software that helps prevent cheating (most people dont find drill work fun), can grow or adjust to child's ability, reports back to the parent, has periodic testing, and actually focuses on the things it says it targets is golden to me. Grammar Key is almost 100%. If you have more than one or plan a review for yourself it's worth it.
I had my middleschoolers do it for 3 years in a row from 5/6 to 8/9. Once they finished all the lessons for the year with a passing score of 80% on EACH lesson they were done. All tests had to be passed with a score of 80% as well. Students need to memorize lists like prepositions, helping verbs ect in order to pass some of the lessons so they come out with something in their heads. There are no games in this program. Sentences are analyzed using a parsing tech. which has the parts of speech color coded. It starts with nouns and verbs and builds from there as the student shows mastery. Since the sentences get more and more complex review is built in as the student must "tag/color/highlight" each word in the sentence for the computer to grade it. It is not the most exciting thing ever but the screen is clean, clutter free, and looks mature. The kids know what they have to do from lesson to lesson and you can go in weekly as teacher and look up their performance.
IMHO this program is well worth the money unless you want or need to sit and do grammar with your older child or you have a child that is just too young for it.

Alicia in New Zealand

The Grammar Key Sentence Structure & Parts of Speech
The Grammar Key Punctuation and Mechanics

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I know of two that have a video component.

Cozy Grammar

Grammar Ace uses Schoolhouse Rock grammar.

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Those of you using Grammar Key would you reccomend buying the 6th-12 the whole pack, or one at a time? I will have a 6th and 7th grader next year. Lastly do you need the workbooks or can it be done entirely on the PC?


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Alice and Gamom3, do you use the workbooks with The Grammar Key or only the computer program?

Gamom3, how do you schedule out the lessons and how do your kids like it?

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