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Missing puzzle pieces make my CRAZY!...

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Anybody else out there who gets absolutely STRESSED OUT over missing puzzle, game, stencil, etc. pieces? Just discovered a dinosaur from our Discovery Toys Place and Trace is missing. Don't know if it JUST happened or if it's been missing for weeks and nobody wanted to bother me with it (read: make me crazy!). Dh says, "It's a small thing". NO IT"S NOT! THat is all.

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Puzzles, yes. I can't stand incomplete puzzles. I've been known to throw them away. My kids do take much better care of their puzzles now. ;)


When it comes to playsets, or similar things I don't get too worried. Unless it affects the useability (is that a word?) I let it slide. I figure if it turns up, great. If not, it's not a big deal. That's not to say I don't like to keep things together, but I don't get stressed over a stray.

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