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Knitting: need help deciding what to do with this new yarn I bought tonight

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I have a friend who knits socks a lot. I haven't done them yet. She says you can do them out of cotton but they will stretch out of shape more if they don't have a little some else in them. My favorite socks of hers are 100% cotton I love the way they look but she says they stretch and slip in to her shoes. I say if you like it for socks why not?

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This is a really cool website. when I get new yarn I can check out what others have made with it.


Hey, what's your name there? Is it CalicoKat?


I'm PariSarah there, too. Friend me! Or let me friend you!


(Dh says I don't have enough friends. He's so very supportive. :cool:)

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I got 2 skeins each 100 grams in weight. I did go to Ravelry and look around. I posted on the WTM group there too. I just haven't learned how to navigate those boards yet.


I really want to make socks!!! I haven't been to a store, yet, that has sock yarns. I have only been to Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, and Jo-Ann Fabrics. I got the Sinfonia at Hobby Lobby and was hopeful I could use it for some socks. I love the color. I have only made 1 sock and part of a 2nd (in progress). I don't know how to pick patterns yet for these things. They are quite intimidating!

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Just wanted to add. If you go into ravelry, you can see a button on the top of the page (after you've logged in, of course) that says "yarns". Next you type in "sinfonia." Then to the right of that you see "206 projects."

There are quite a few. Maybe this will help give you an idea.



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