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Here's what I'm thinking....(cond. from Overwhelmed thread)


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Here is what I am *thinking*, for now. As I said, we are not even certain yet IF I will be adding the 12, 11 and 9 yr olds. However, if we do, at least I have a plan and one less thing to worry about when/if it happens suddenly. ;)


Everyone Together:




Science in teams of 2

History/Literature/Biographies/(Artists as they fit in)...w/timeline and map (mom reads aloud)


* = denotes WITH MOM, as in I actually DO it with them..I have learning to do as well! lol


12 & 11 yr olds:

*Singapore 4 or 5 (depends on placement test)

Mindbenders A1 and A2

Latin's Not So Tough 2

*Grammar/Spelling/Writing/Dictation - My own

Outlines and Written Summaries from history read alouds

Ind. Reading 1 hour daily


9 yr old:

*Singapore 2A/B

Math drills multiplication/division: cheap workbooks (11 yr old corrects)

Oral Narration to 12 yr old


*Spelling - My own

Hey Andrew Greek 1 mom starts, but work w/6 yr old

Ind Reading, 1 hour per day


6 yr old:

*Singapore 1B

D'Nealian 1

*Oral Narration

*Daily reading practice

Explode the Code 5 and 6 - 12 yr old corrects/helps

Hey Andrew Greek 1, mom starts, work w/9 yr old

Ind. Reading, 20 mins daily


4 yr old:

*30 mins one on one preschool time with mom!


*Science in teams: 12 & 9 are a team, 11 & 6 are a team. We will decide on 1 topic, they will read books together (library here we come!) and in teams give a presentation, oral for 9 and 6, written and oral for 11 and 12 every 2-4 weeks depending on depth of topic


*12 yr does flute w/mama and solo, also has some Drawing 50 books for her own leisure (artist/creative child)


*9 & 6 yrs do recorder w/mama or 12 yr can step in if I am stretched on any given day


*11 yr: computer science 3 x week independently and also electronic building 'stuff' occasionally under direction of my hubby. May take a science lab co-op after our first year.


*6 & 4 yr olds - once per month Mudpies to Magnets w/daddy


*all of the children have the time, space, and materials to be creative, do crafts and art projects...I leave this totally interest directed. However, my 12 yr may take art 'classes' after our first year, as it is a huge interest for her.


Now please tell me that I am not missing anything that is a MUST! I don't think I can handle anymore for now. :D

Also, I realize that some of my curricula choices may not be the latest/greatest, however, keep in mind that schooling many children is much different than schooling a few! I have to compromise on certain things in certain years just to fit it all in a realistic manner.


Whatcha think?

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