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Do you think this would be "overcautious"?

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We live in SoCal, there have been earthquakes in Mexico and Nevada recently. A few months ago I had a horrible nightmare about us having a Big One here in S.D., and this was during the time that DH was considering what areas he should request orders to. I woke up thinking "we have GOT to get OUT of here before this Big One happens". :o

I normally let dd babysit while I run a few errands. Now I'm thinking things like, "what IF there was an earthquake while I am gone? there are several overpasses that would be separating me from the DC, so I may not be able to get home to them. Do "you" think that is being a bit too cautious? Or do you believe that there's no such thing as being "too cautious"? Or are you thinking something else. I figure this is just a fearmongering thing going on in my head, but there's always that "but". The DC don't LIKE to go do these errands with me :rolleyes: and I do enjoy my time out by myself, even if it is just shopping. :) I'm inclined to do things the way I always have, but the recent earthquakes make me a bit nervous. I'm not asking anyone here to decide what I should do, just wondering what your opinions are.

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See, part of me is of the camp that would want them with me in case something did happen (what if the house fell on them?)..


the other part of me says "yeah but if the house doesn't and you are stuck on an overpass, what if it falls on you AND them, then what?"....


I get scared too when my kids are involved. I'd probably end up taking them with me anyway, just because I'd worry too much otherwise.

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Figure out if there's a neighbor or someone close by they can go to if they can't get in touch with you. Have plenty of emergency supplies and make sure they know where they are. Maybe even run an "earthquake drill." Have them go through the steps they are supposed to go through in the event one happens. Tell them what to do if they can't reach your cell phone. I would explain that the phones would likely go out or be busy, so they don't freak out.


Then, I would live life normally.

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Well, everyone always accuses me of being overly cautious, but I kinda think that's my job as a mom. I waited until late in life to have my children and I had trouble getting them into the world. Both have their own little quirks and difficulties that they brought into life with them. I see my job as bringing them up and getting them started in life the best I can.


Like any job I do, I try to do it to the best of my ability. I don't second-guess myself when I feel nervous or upset about something. I don't think I'm one of those people who have premonitions that come to fruition, but if I have a bad feeling about something, I'd rather be safe than sorry later.


That said, I don't cower in my house at all. In fact, we're probably on the go way too much. I don't creep down the road at 25 mph. In fact, I speed way too much (and get WAY too many speeding tickets, too, LOL). I shop at night - sometimes way late at night. But in any given situation in which I find myself, I try to be cognizant of my surroundings and watch for signs of what's occurring around me. I am never oblivious. I see patterns everywhere I look in the world and am pretty good at interpreting those. I think that a lot of women are good at this intuitively and that's at least part of what's often classified as "women's intuition".


If you see a pattern of seismic activity in your area that gives you enough concern to make you dream of possible future continuance of similar activity, I think you are wise to listen to your inner voice. I would not scare my children, but if they're old enough to understand your concerns, I'd just ask them to bare with me, load them up for a while (until you move or feel more comfortable), and give them things to do as they follow you around on your errands. Or I'd try to change my schedule to be able to do errands when my husband or some family member could be around, etc. But I don't think I'd cause myself to be sick with worry every time I'm out running errands.


SD could never have another earthquake (right); it could never have another earthquake while you live there; or there could be a huge earthquake tomorrow. You've lived there. You know that. The chance of any bad thing happening to any of us on any given day are tiny - but that doesn't mean we should throw all caution to the winds and ignore external/internal warnings that might help keep us safer over time.


If you feel nervous about leaving your children alone, why not take them with you for a while until these feelings blow over?



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Have you been through an earthquake yet? I think this makes a very big difference in how comfortable you are as I feel that people who have lived in CA for years just roll with it and know that we really never know when a big earthquake will hit.


I was a teen during the 7.1 San Francisco quake and I was babysitting someone else's children, on a military base. My mom had all the younger kids with her at the store, and my dad and brother where sitting on the lower deck of Candlestick Park for the World Series. Everyone was fine and we all had very different experiences.


I will never forget the intense moment of fear when I realized that I was responsible for 3 kids and we were experiencing a major earthquake. But earthquakes are quick. It was over before I knew it-so fast that I had no idea how I was able to pull all three kids into the doorway before it was over.


The house didn't have damage, even though the base in on shaky, landfill ground. The entire military neighborhood emptied out into the streets, the men around quickly turned off everyone's gas, we all filled up our bathtubs with water just to be safe, and everyone made sure everyone else was ok. The kids' parents got home rather quickly and I was able to get home. My dad and brother had a long trip home due to the collapse of the bridge and such.


I now live right smack in the middle of two faults, but I never fear an earthquake. I just know that when it happens, it happens. Most of them are actually quite small. And remember that the CA building codes are light years ahead of those in Mexico.


I know that might not help, but I am not afraid of an earthquake at all. I think we have it rather light here in CA anyway-I would fear hurricanes and tornados much more. :)

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We've been through several itty bitty ones. One happened while we were moving into another house, the dc and I were sitting in the floor and it felt like we were riding a wave in the ocean- pretty neat actually. But that tiny little earthquake (3 point something, I think) cracked the foundation of the house we were moving into, LOL- cracked it from the back door to the front door. Now, that doesn't freak me out or anything. Now we live in another house, and the houses across the street are on the edge of a bluff looking over a freeway. I would be more nervous living across the street, LOL. I know that the building codes are much better here than elsewhere, BUT I also know that they hire the cheapest labor to build these houses :) I know that they rushed the jobs and I've seen things that bother me about living here (sidewalks buckling after being here for 1 year- brand new sidewalks; our garage has ALL kinds of cracks in the floor; general house settling issues- nails working themselves out of walls, baseboards no longer line up with each other, etc.).

I guess though, that if I'm nervous about how the kids would handle things IF there was an earthquake, then I should probably wonder about how they'd handle things in any other emergency, and I should probably take lots of steps toward more preparedness for me AND them, period. Thanks for talking this through with me ladies. :D

Oh, and Leah, I didn't think that your post was condescending at all, :) and we've lived here 13 years this summer.

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So I've been through quite a few earthquakes. And I do sometimes get really worried about the inevitable "big one". But I try not to worry about it much, and I don't let it stop me from living regular life.


It could happen five minutes from now, five weeks from now, five years. There is no way of knowing. It is just as likely to happen when you are at home with kids as away.


I don't know where you could move that wouldn't have the possibility of natural disaster. People are killed in tornadoes every year in the midwest. Hurricanes have killed plenty of people in the south. There are floods that wipe out lives and homes. Fires could happen anywhere. Actually, there are other parts of the country that could also have devastating earthquakes.


I sometimes get freaked out when there seems to be a bunch of earthquakes happening, I also wonder if it means ours is coming. But on any day, there are many earthquakes, most are just small. I don't think the recent larger quakes have anything to do with Southern Cali.


Anyway, my vote is for your being overcautious, although I certainly understand the fear behind it.

Michelle T

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