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First sign of Spring?

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I just returned from the library, where I counted 20 - yes 20! - robins on the ground and in a tree. They were quite plump, even!


I'm in Indiana, and now I'm wondering if robins are here year round (though I haven't seen any all winter until today) or if this really is a first sign of spring?


What do you think? Oh, and if your thoughts are anything other than it's a definite first sign of spring, don't post, LOL. Just kiddin'.

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They're confused, as are the trees and other plants. They don't know what to do about this on again/off again warm weather. I'm afraid they're all in for a very rude awakening with all the ice we have coming in.


I'm also afraid that we're setting up for another year like last. Sap is running high in the trees and some are trying to begin putting on growth and buds. It's all going to freeze.


Last year here, we ended up with loss of flowers during peak season and so virtually nothing set seed. The result? There's hardly any fruit, nuts or seeds to be found. Our wildlife has been scrounging and begging since mid-summer and we've been feeding since then - at a time of year we generally never feed (much less water). I've seen types of birds in my yard this winter that I've never seen at feeders before.


What's gonna happen if we go another year without food for the wildlife?



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