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Our morning/breakfast board


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Yeah!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

I just saw the ones/ten/hundreds chart for sale in the oriental trading magazine

and thought that it would be perfect for the breakfast board!

My kids have been laughing at me because lately we've been doing the "breakfast" board in the afternoon as opposed to the morning (as we did in the beginning of the school year)....so now its become the "squeeze it in when you can" board! (its that flexible)!!

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My four yr old is super excited about it. He said "we're doing this EVERY morning as soon as we get up" so he may keep me on schedule for a while. lol


It's such a fun board and you have my preschool teacher days stirring my creativity for more!! I'm working on some fun folders to go with the board now.


AudreyTN-sorry...I thought it was in my siggy line. =)




Thanks for the compliments everyone!! =)

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very cute!!! is there more of these on this board? please point me in the right direction.. that looks like something right up my alley!!!



heres a link to the post on when I first blogged about it.....




you just have to scroll down to the bottom of the page for the right post:001_smile:

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