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Would it be tacky to enclose pictures of my children in a sympathy card to


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I have some relatives who would become offended, saying I was trying to take the focus off their loss and focus it on my children. However, if I received a sympathy card with a picture of someone's children, I would not be offended (unless I had lost a child). But everyone is different


You could choose instead to send the sympathy card alone, then send a short note and the picture a week later or so, when the family is in more need of cheering up by a picture of cute kids than sympathy.

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I personally would not send the picture in a sympathy card - I would focus on condolences only, or fond memories of the deceased if that's applicable.


Rather, I would send a follow-up note a couple of days later, saying that you thought they might enjoy seeing the kids.



Agree with this.

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