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Xanga blog--how do I get started?

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I just figured out that I have a xanga blog site. I put up pictures last spring but never did anything with it. How do I get started with blogging? Is xanga a good site to stick with or will people that visit it get a lot of junk from it?


I enjoy visiting blogs of a few friends but have no idea how to create one for myself.


Any help for a technical challenged newbie?

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It used to be great for a technophobe--fairly restricted in what you could do with it, but you didn't need to know html. Now, it's less so. Less restricted, but you do need to be a little more comfortable around computers.


I'm not aware of any trouble your visitors will have. It seems to be more stable than blogspot (it goes on the fritz less), and although the free xanga blogs have little banner ads, I think they're fairly inconspicuous. No annoying pop ups or spyware that I'm aware of.


How to start, though? Just start posting! Can you find where you add blog entries? Just start making entries. It doesn't need to be any more complicated than that--use one of their preset templates for your site's "look," and add things as you get more comfortable.

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I'm a Xangan. I've got the horse blog, the sale blog and then a family blog.

I am not good with computers, but don't have any trouble with Xanga. It's really easy. Do you have any specific questions?


To get started you need to scroll down to the bottom and click on "your site". That takes you to your personal page where you can begin blogging. I think I have your footprints somewhere from the Round Pen, I'll be peeking in on you to see what you're doing.

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