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Rosetta Stone and Vista


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let me tell you what a hassel it has been, I paid for an update to my program which they assured me was compatable. Well it didn't work they insisted on replacing the laguage CD but again I would have to send mine in first but this time it wouldn't cost me. the second time was much fast shipping too. But still it won't work it took three e-mails and two weeks to hear back from them again. They assure me it is compatable with VISTA that it is my TELUS firewall causing the problem. I have tired everything. Since trying I have also had other problems with my laptop. If you have Norton installed you will have big problems when you uninstall it. I spent a long time with HP trying to fix the problems Rosetta and Norton have cause with my computer . I don't know that I want to bother trying to get another fix I would like my money back at leat the extra I had to pay for an upgrade that was a no go.:mad:

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I installed ours this weekend without any trouble. I have 2.1 version ( I think )and it wouldn't install automatically on VIsta. I had to follow the directions on their website to load it, but it is working fine now.


I bought my RS last year, there are some versions that are just to old to put on Vista. Their website list the versions that will work.


The versions and directions are here: http://tinyurl.com/2xpxww

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