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Blame it on cabin fever...but my sarcasm is just dying to get out again.

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Some will recall a similar post from me, back when life was simple and old fashioned on the original boards. They will remember how I apologized and asked that PLEASEohPLEASE, no one take me too seriously. I'm not picking on anyone. It's just the way my wacky brain works (or doesn't) sometimes. So, to a handful of this evening's posts, I have these replies:


4 days at Disney/Orlando - what to concentrate on with 10 and 13 yo boys...

Sweetie, you may look young for your age, but I really think those boys will be much too young for you.


Uses for toilet paper/paper towel tubes?...

You know....I don't really think this is the proper forum to discuss uses for toilet paper.


I'm thinking of starting to drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar daily....

Honey, if you're taking up drinking, might I recommend something a bit more...um...robust?


Liar, Liar, pants on fire...

What have I told you about name calling!? Do I need to get the soap out young lady?!


OK, DH has asked me to find "the" meatloaf recipe...

"The" recipe? Well gee. On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?


What is so great about Le Creuset cookware?...

Haven't you heard?? It Le Cooks Le Dinner?


1st day of decreased sleep training report...

Right, and you've recovered nicely from that lobotomy, haven't you now?


Does homeschooling with a baby get easier as they age....or harder?

Oh, much harder. Babies are rather accustomed to being strapped in their seats, but the bigger they get. Well...???


How long do you need to keep certain papers ...

It depends on how recently they let you out of a certain place.



Sorry. Well, not really. But, really, no offense meant. I just needed to let that out. I'll stop now and go back to my fevered life.






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No, someone asked for a Christian Weather Website. And when I saw that title, I just couldn't resist saying something dumb because....well, because that title was just looking at me and begging me to say something. I *said* I was just kidding around. And I also tried to answer seriously. But my attempt at wit was not appreciated at all.


I don't want to make anyone else mad at me, really. I didn't mean to make anyone mad at me that time. I googled and googled and never could find anything on any of the conservative online Christian newspapers or magazines about Christian weather. Nor could I get an answer from the OP explaining what they really meant by that or really wanted..... so everyone just sort of guessed at answers for her, and I just gave up.....


But this left me uncertain whether others have a set-up on their computers that looks different than mine. 'Cause when I see some of those headlines for posts, I can hardly control myself from firing off a funny, smarty sort of remark. Not to be mean, it's just sort of like those psychological tests - "say the first thing that comes to mind when I say this word: xxxxxx" - and then you respond.....





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It's 1 am here, and I nearly woke them with my laughter when I got to the Meatloaf line.


I have the immediate snarky reactions, too. I'm just not brave enough to say them. We should make up some symbol to use to claim immunity .... "no harm meant, just my inner snark going out for a spin around the block ..."

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"How long do you need to keep certain papers ...

It depends on how recently they let you out of a certain place."


They just let me out last week, but I'm ok now. I promise! :D


Now, where did I put that fire extinguisher! Watch out for those flames, Dear. They are getting pretty high now. :eek: :D

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