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Need book suggestion for help in homeschooling through high school

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I have a rising 9th grader and am starting to look seriously into transcripts and other such high school requirements.


I plan to read the high school section of WTM. What other book/s would be helpful to guide me into and through this time. My son does plan to go to college.


Thanks for any help,


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I found the following resources very helpful in planning for home school high school and in providing detailed "how to" re: credits, transcripts, coursework, etc.:


- Homeschooling: The Teen Years: Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 13- to 18- Year-Old (by Cafi Cohen)

- The High School Handbook: For Junior High, Too (by Mary Schofield)

- High School 101: Blueprint for Success (by Vicki Bentley) -- available as book or download at Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/content/346549



These also look good:

- Homeschoolers' College Admissions Handbook: Preparing Your 12- to 18-Year-Old for a Smooth Transition (by Cafi Cohen)

- Home Learning Year by Year: How to Design a Homeschool Curriculum from Preschool Through High School (by Rebecca Rupp)



And below are two recent threads on this same topic with lots more advice, wisdom and resources. Welcome to high school! You'll be fine! Warmest regards, Lori D.



Advice on Awarding Credit?




How To Homeschool High School?


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PS -- and don't forget Donna Young's website (http://donnayoung.org/index.htm) for keeping yourself organized form-wise for high school. You might also want to check into something like Homeschool Tracker (http://www.homeschooltracker.com/) to help you monitor hours, classes, etc. Cheers! Lori

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