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Dates to receive "rebate" check...

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I don't know if this has been posted yet, but I received this in an email and thought I'd forward it since we talked about it so much before here:


Week Last 2 digits of your SSN Receive your check by week of

>1 00 - 09 July 23

>2 10 - 19 July 30

>3 20 - 29 August 6

>4 30 - 39 August 13

>5 40 - 49 August 20

>6 50 - 59 August 27

>7 60 - 69 Sept. 3

>8 70 - 79 Sept. 10

>9 80 - 89 Sept. 17

>10 90 - 99 Sept. 24

>For married taxpayers who filed a joint return, the first Social

Security Number on the return determines the mailing date.

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Do you mind sharing who the email is from that shows these dates and are you sure it's legit? Just wondering because the IRS website says the payments will start in early May, while this schedule shows a starting date of July 23. I can't find a schedule yet on their website showing specific weeks or what order they will use. This isn't the schedule they used a few years ago during the first rebate check payment is it?

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She said since it's based on 2007 returns, the mailing (or direct deposits if you do that) will probably be based on when you filed it. If you file early, you'll be among the first; if you file an extension, it will be after you file your actual return.


Paula in PA


This is what I have heard as well.

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Hmmm, it was from an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. It should be good info, but the dates are Wednesdays and very similar (3 days off) from the 2001 schedule, which seems odd.


Supposedly, notices should start going out in May (nothing can happen until after April 15), which will tell if you are eligible and how much you will receive. Then the batches of deposits/checks will happen after that.


I even checked snopes, and they don't have anything on this. But maybe it was wrong. :confused: I hope it is, as I would like it to come sooner!!

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