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True Literature-Based Language Arts for First Grade


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I'm looking for a true literature-based language arts for my son who's in K/1 but reading on a 1/2 level. I'd love to find something that's completely based around real books-where the student reads the books and then completes LA activities related to those books he's read. Really, I'd mostly like him to have opportunities to practice and build on his reading skills, with some other LA stuff thrown in here and there. Even a reading list with suggestions would work-I don't mind coming up with some of the activities myself.


We tried LLATL 2nd grade and found that it jumped around too much, and any literature seemed added in, rather than being integral to the program. We also really didn't jibe with WWE/FLL, so anything like that (PLL and etc.) will probably be a no-go. We've also done Sonlight, but found the books in SL K to be too advanced (and we'd really prefer secular).


Currently he's doing Oak Meadow 1, and we like it, so I'm really just looking for something to add to this. I've considered some of the VP lit and guides, and I know there were some threads on here about 1st grade reading lists, but I can't seem to find them.


So anyway, if anyone knows of a program like this, or can point me in the direction of a good 1st grade reading list (I will also go look on the 1000 books site-can't remember the exact name just now, but that's what google's for!), it would be much appreciated!

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